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And Xmas 4 days away..

Good morning all!

With Xmas just 4 days away, and This year I let the kids pick out a gift for them selves. I had said b4 I had kids I wouldn’t do that, but here I did it anyway. Seeing how they are 11 and 14 it’s getting hard to get gifts for them that I know they would like. Plus lets not leave out the fact that they are girls to boot! Although my oldest daughter is more boyish then her younger sister, she is still a girl none the less.

However, I will be getting them both a gift after tax season, to get them both something nice. It’s really becoming that tax day or I should say when taxes are returned that is more of the day before Xmas.

Well with little to do today, I’m sure something will pop up for me to do.

Later all!


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