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Good morning headache fans & another dime lost!

Well another day another dime. Well another dime I wont be making right now as I am NOT at work this morning. I think my manager is trying to punish me for refusing to do that other run, which every time I have done that run, it has messed with my personal and professional life. I mean if something went wrong every time you did it wouldn’t YOU not want to do that as well?

Well that aside from that, I have been sleeping the weirdest hours, either too little for a week at a time with very little sleep then doing a mega sleep at the end o the week sleeping 10 hrs or so. Well the last few days, I have had the chance to actually sleep the “correct” number of hours we are supposed be sleeping. What do I get for doing the right thing? A HEADACHE! UGGHH! I can’t seem to win for loosing here! This is just insane! I REALLY don’t want to start taking meds to try to sleep as that just will make me feel like im walking around like a zombie the rest of the day and for several days later. So what are my options?

At this moment. I really don’t know……


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