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Throw another sushi log on the fire!

Good morning ALL!

It’s just a few days away from Xmas, and another night loading trucks. Well i had said in my mini blog at that I would get about 4 hours of sleep before they called and I wasn’t too far off the mark. Got maybe 4 1/2 hours of sleep in before for they called. Well I know what your asking what does that have to do with sushi? Well that’s a good question and here is the answer… Absolutely NOTHING! Well except that after a relatively light night, except that they put everything all over the place from every route, it was a pain to sort before i had to sort all the skids. Nothing was in order which thew me off some what, but managed to get it done within a somewhat reasonable amount of time. Well now for the part of the day that ACTUALLY involves the sushi part.

After we got done with unloading the semi and loading the smaller trucks with stuff, I was sitting there doing my log books and the dispatcher says to me, “Look what i brought.” It was sushi! I had never tried sushi before, and he was going on how expensive it was, which for 6 rolls of various wrapped fish was the same amount as a Whopper meal at the BK. Well he offered some to me and i figured, what the hell, give it a try. I’m not to apposed to trying new things. You can’t live your entire life in a bubble, no matter how hard you want or don’t want to. So I chose the seaweed wrapped crab meat. I figured, it looked better than the other ones. It was odd how it felt in my hand and I generally try things without sauce for the first time so I know what it tastes like without extra stuff on it. Well the first bite was to say an interesting one, and my first thought, and being totally honest here was “HOW DO PEOPLE EAT THIS STUFF?” Now mind you maybe it wasn’t fresh, which when it comes to eating raw fish do you want it any fresher? I mean IT’S RAW!
Anyway, I found it to be very gritty, and kinda sweet but yet almost unpalatable at the same time. Not to be rude I did eat the entire wrap that was offered to me, but declined to have another. Now here is the strange part about it. On my way home I could still sort of taste it in my mouth, and I was getting more of that sweetness in my mouth (after taste) and something in my head said, maybe you want another one.. I had to nearly slap myself up for thinking that! I mean I didn’t enjoy it when your eating it and I want another?? I can’t remember ever having something that was just not very good tasting and saying to myself that I should have more!

In a nutshell, I don’t think I will be having it again anytime soon, that is unless some one can prove to me that what I had was not the best made. I mean it could be possible. Well anyway, I have a feeling its going to be an interesting day.



One Response to “Throw another sushi log on the fire!”

  1. I am a big sushi fanatic! I def think u should try sushi again – there are so many different varieties & u might find something that u will enjoy. U might enjoy some of the rolls that feature cooked seafood like shrimp tempura or soft shell crab. Other popular rolls are the California roll that has crab meat & avocado, the smoked salmon & cream cheese roll, & Mardi Gras roll with crawfish. Texture has a lot to do with enjoying sushi & I think u would have liked the crab roll better if it had not been gritty (it should not have been gritty at all but smooth instead) I really liked this blog post a lot , it’s always interesting to read about someone trying something new for the first time! I love how descriptive ur writing is ! Thanks for sharing, luv! Ur such a talented writer & I do enjoy ur blog very much! @Starrz2010

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