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And a Merry Xmas to you as well. Next time use all your fingers please!

Good morning and a Merry Xmas, Happy holidays, and a happy whatever you celebrate!

With that out of the way it seems that during this time of year we seem to get more stressed out than ever. Even over the littlest of things. Recently I was in one of local stores with my youngest daughter shopping for a gift for her sister and over heard (well it was kinda hard NOT to) two women having an argument over something, and as one of the “ladies” walked away from the other she had said to the other “if you would take your head out of your A$$” and at that point I just happened to get see her and see the look on her face at this reply, I must say it was one of quite surprise. At least in my observation anyway. At this time of the year this is a time to be with friends and family, but this year I’m guessing that won’t happen for many due to the weather and they are stressed out for sure. As far as seeing people flying only a few fingers, well you would think that being the season that it is that you would see less of that, but as our stress trying to get things done, and get places around in the nasty weather it seems to be happening with greater frequency. You would think that in this weather that people would show a little more restraint in doing that as someday they may find them selves at the mercy and in the ditch of someone that they just did the one finger salute to moments ago. I’m not saying that I want for anyone flying me the one finger salute to end up in the ditch…. Well maybe just a little… But overall no…. People should learn to relax and enjoy this time of year, even if the people around them are not only stressing you out and just wish that you could give them the Homer Simpson neck massage that he gives Bart.

With that said, I have but one more thing to say on this….

Enjoy the holiday everyone!


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