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Incomplete work. Laziness or boredom with a twist of lime?

We have all done it, myself included, leaving tasks incomplete. Why do we do this to our selves? Are we just being lazy and bored with the task at hand or just leaving it for later for something to do when we are truly bored with nothing else to do?

Well looking at the first part, some tasks that are set upon us whether by accident, design, or that boss with the Roman Empire fetish, whatever the cause, they JUST have to be done no matter what. Then there is the little tasks. Sub tasks as it were, with no real purpose other than to keep us busy and playing with our toes while we are work. Sometimes the task is just to involved to be tackled all at once and needs to be spread out over time. In which case someone who has come in the middle or near the end of the task with no concept of whats happened may look at it and say your just being lazy and don’t want to get it done. While they don’t know the extent of what your doing, or how much time you have involved yourself into the task, to them its just incomplete.

Then there are the tasks that get set aside, not because you don’t have enough time to do them, they are just mindless tasks that if given a reasonable amount of thought about, they aren’t worth the time that is assigned to them to be done. Something like this I believe would be summed up the way Hollywood sums up things, there are no small parts, just small actors.

Which lastly for now at least, are the tasks that we set up to do we get started, then come back to whenever we really have nothing else to do. I was guilty of this most of the time and still a little bit yet today. I will start something and I do intend to finish it sometime, but not now. Just when I really have nothing else to do and everything else that really had to get done at some point or wasn’t important enough to do right away but yet had to be finished sooner rather than later was done and what was left was the things that I left myself to do just for the sake of killing time, which I think in the state of New York is an offense punishable by having to live there.

Well with the twist of lime or time, now you have done it and killed a little time from reading this post today. Now you have to move to New York. It’s the law.

(Void in any sane mind. Your millage may vary)


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