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To all the gadgets I’ve loved before.. Filling the trash from head to floor.

Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets, and more gadgets! Our lives are full of these things, that some one has “invented” to make our lives more productive, make useless crap, or to make us look handsome or beautiful to other people that have access to such things to do the same things as we do. Being awake EARLY in the AM has one advantage…. You get to see a lot of the useless gadgets (or useful if you have more brains than money) on the TV that people are selling. What happens to be on the TV as I write this, an item called a “dermawand” yes, go Google it. I’ll wait…. Are you back yet? Well, earlier there was a device called a “Cricket” and I don’t mean grass hopper and another that uses water to steam clean the floors.
Why do we buy such stuff? Do you really need yet another item to clutter up your house? Just another thing to take up space and to make someone some cash. Well I can hear a few of you out there already saying well “it’s the American way” or “you would do the same given the chance”. Well, before I get in to the if I would do the same thing, I will say this about myself, and the people that know me are already saying this, when it comes to clutter, oh yea… I know clutter! I have crap from when I was younger that I can’t fit into or is out of date and and most likely wont be used again, unless time suddenly reverses itself then I’ll be ahead of the game or is that behind? Well never mind that.. Keeping some of the gadgets I have had from the past and yes it does take up space, is I do occasionally find useful for other things they were most likely never thought about being made for or parts for something newer that it just seems to fit in or Xmas gifts to people that have not had the “fun” of owning it yet. It’s not re gifting, its recycling!

Ok, now on to the “you would do it too” people.. Well, I might do that. That is I would sell something that I created, but if I were to do that, I would hope that it would actually be something of REAL value to others not just to someones vanity or just make something to make some “quick cash” to fly to Aruba and sun myself on the beach with all the women… Never mind, got caught up in a dream for a moment there… Where was I? Oh yea, a useful gadget that would solve the problem with having to keep us from buying oil from people that don’t even like us for example. Oh I could go on even MORE about that, but I wont in this post, maybe in a future one.

It’s seems that for every gadget that comes in to being around we are able to replace several others with that one. Before long, who knows we may not even need houses at all. We will pull out our gadget from our pocket and POOF! Our house will appear in front of us with all the things in it that we need. (sure would solve the housing problems) Ok, someone at NASA get right on that!

Getting back to the dermawand. I know women like to look pretty and all that, and I have no problem with that, except a lot of you out there are already just fine looking without a gadget like this and the rest of you.. Well… NO gadget will solve THAT! Blame your parents! That goes for you pretty boys out there too. Although I don’t see (in my mind anyway) many guys using this one gadget anytime soon. And if your buying it for your girlfriend, wife or whatever, what message are you sending them? Hey your ugly! Use this it will make you more attractive to me again. If you think that a gadget that will make you pretty and I know a few of them out there do, what they are intended, but you have to have something to work with first off or a real skilled plastic surgeon.

My point is people that a gadget, is just that. Useful or useless, big or small.

Don’t let them clutter your house, that is until the gadget becomes the house and then you can fill it with more useless junk!


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