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That looks good… Pass the ketchup..

What is it about ketchup that we just love?

We seem to add it to so many things we eat now a days. What did we ever do without it? So your saying, yea so what, everyone knows about it. Sure you know about it but sometimes do you ever really THINK about it? Ok, my day is filled with so many things I don’t give much thought about ketchup either, that is until the fries, hot dogs, or something else we all would normally eat with it and it’s not there. If we were to go to a restaurant and they said “We are out of ketchup.”, wouldn’t you be thinking “What kind of place doesn’t have or runs out of ketchup?” Or if your really picky and the place you have chosen doesn’t carry your “brand” and the stuff that they have is just the NASTIEST thing you have ever tasted in your life, you most likely would never go back. That is unless your one of those people that have no taste and don’t care what you eat no matter the price or lack of condiments. But over all what is it about ketchup that says you don’t need me until you need me then if I’m not there you don’t want it without me. Over the years I’ve known people (not naming names to protect the crazy I.M.H.O) that put this on not only the stuff that the rest of us would normally out this on but things like..

Ice cream.. Soup.. Coffee.. Cake.. Pizza.. Bananas.. And sometimes each other. No I don’t mean like, if your stuck on a desert island and think boy I’m hungry I wonder how Frank would taste with ketchup? Type thing. I won’t go in to much more detail here I’ll let your mind wander and wonder on that one to your strangeness or delight.

Then If that weren’t bad enough, then there is the spelling of it. there are a few different ways and ways to spell it then pronounce it! Catsup , ketchup, or katchup. I’m sure there are others but, I that would take more thought than I am really willing to put in to it at this time. But next time you pound or squeeze the bottle of the red stuff and enjoy the flavor, try that food without it first then… Pass me the ketchup..


One Response to “That looks good… Pass the ketchup..”

  1. LOL!!!!!

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