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A new limo for the king…

I just came across a recent post on CNET that is telling how Barack Obama will be getting a new limo and giving what details they can about it, which are very few in fact do to security. Now with that being said, why a new limo? We are in a financial crunch right now and while yes getting limos will help “an industry” it only helps but a few people. The ones that make the limo. Am I saying he doesn’t deserve it? No. I’m not saying that but what was wrong with the one that Bush had? can’t they learn to recycle this stuff? New limos, new desk, new whatever. The government tells us over and over again that we should be saving money, while they spend, spend, spend! If it’s broken and can’t be fixed then replace it. But with the cash they spend on maintenance on those vehicles, why cant they just give the old one to the next president in line, then if its to far gone to fix then replace it. For anyone out there saying well the president going out has to have a limo. Well that’s a given, but with all the money they made while in office on what YOU, and I PAID him with our taxes. you think that maybe, just MAYBE he could afford to BUY one HIMSELF?? The out going president otherwise will not be paying for anything for the rest of his LIFE! From the moment he walks out the door of the White House, everything, EVERYTHING is comped for him! So some one out there explain to me and if you do please leave your comments below as to WHY every president NEEDS a new limo when there was NOTHING wrong with the old one that were already in service? Short of safety and new design for new events that could happen! If there was a SIGNIFICANT changes that were needed to be done, like the A*holes that might try to attack him, now have laser eyes, can become rock creatures, or something, the money is just being wasted!

Come on Washington D.C.! When it comes to recycling, practice what you preach!


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