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Hair today. Different hair tomorrow?

There is a commercial that I have seen, where some family that has broken up where the father is coming to pick the kids up for his time with them, and the ex each time has some new kind of hair style. By the last scene, the woman has hair that is really made up and the guy is like just awe struck. This to me is TOTAL TRASH! If you are so shallow that you actually think that your ex is going to trip over himself and want you back or you think you are torturing them just because you got a new hair style, I have something to say… YOU ARE DELUDING YOURSELF! Some might say its not that, its their self esteem. BALONEY! First off, there are REASONS why you are not together any longer and without a doubt it wasn’t over your choice of hair over your choice of hair style! Second, if you think that your entire being revolves around your hair, then you are too shallow for society and need to check in to the white wall hotel. This way you wont have to worry about your HAIR! Now I am not saying that we need to look unkempt, or look like you just woke up and went straight out with pillow hair. If you want to fix it up, fine. But spending an hour or more on your hair is not being thorough, its border line NUTS! Wash, dry, and comb or brush it and be done with it.

Overall these commercials with this type of sales pitch needs to STOP! They not only send this stupid message that I just talked about above but it makes you the woman look even more shallow than the guy you broke up with.

So take your hair commercials like this and comb them out of our hair!


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