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Elvis & JFK are on vacation.

Well tonight at work we happened to have the radio on which is not so unusual and just happened to have on George Noory. He has a rather unusual radio program and talks about a lot of really strange things. Which is the kind of stuff I like anyway. Sometimes it’s fun listening to and seeing the strangeness of our world around us. However, the topic they were talking about this morning just made want to tell the guest and callers they were not only way off the mark but just plain STUPID! Apparently there are people out there that are sooooooo diluted that they actually think that Elvis is STILL ALIVE! People, people, people, GET A GRIP ON REALITY HERE! The man is DEAD! LET IT GO ALREADY!!! There are things that the government is hiding from us, but Elvis is NOT, I repeat NOT one of them! Then they went on to say that even James Dean is also still alive as well! Banged up and terribly scarred, but alive. Yes I mentioned JFK also as some believe that he as well is still alive as well. Ok, maybe they are… In some parallel world perhaps or just some peoples over active imagination. However, here in our “reality” or space time dimension if you want to look at it that way, they are all in effect DEAD and GONE!

If someone that thinks that any… ANY of these people are still around, PROVE IT! Not with a photo either as we all know photoshop can make you appear to be or see anything you want them to see. Get them in a news conference or something like that.

Then there are a few out there claiming to be the descendants of these people. Where do you even START with this bunch of nuts?!?!? If you say you are related and I do mean next of kin sort of way, where is your DNA evidence to show that is true?? If you CAN’T prove it, do us all a favor, either shut the hell up or check in to the mental ward! You are a danger to yourself and the rest of us!!


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