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Windows to my, Umm had it here someplace..

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Or the pizza parlor down the street. In any case, my kids and I had a talk to day and I have NO idea how we got on this subject, but of course in my house, that isn’t surprising as thoughts around here fly about as randomly as a drunk, well…. fly! After all these years I always believed that my eyes were hazel in color. Then today I learned that some one could have gray eyes. Here I never thought was really ever a possibility of having, but it turns out that it is in fact possible. It kinda reminded me of a book I once read “The girl with silvery eyes”. Ok, it’s not gray but sure is close to it. If you had ever read that book, you would understand why I wanted to have eyes like that. LoL But other than that hazel is always what I was told they were. as i cant exactly see them, without the help of a mirror of course, getting close up view is a little more difficult. as the closer you get the more out of focus it is.

Here are my eyes, tell me what you think. Hazel or Gray?

Post here below, comments are welcome!


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