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It’s a Yahoo / Spybot install fight you want? Let the bits battle!

Well I tried to install an update in windows for the latest Yahoo, and I get my Spybot warning of whats going to be changed and I can decide what I want and don’t want the registry changed to. Well as I am writing this the two programs are and have been fighting over whats installed in the registry I told it to blacklist updates to the browser as I hate the yahoo toolbar it installs. When I have done this in the past it just accepted it and stopped. Now it seems to be caught in some sort of nonending loop! Rachel usually would say that it’s the programmers that do thisd kind of thing from bad programing. Well Yahoo has been doing yahoo messenger for windows for a long time now and would hardly call thme third rate programers. Looks like I may need to reboot to get it to stop. Not a situation I would have with my Mac to be sure!

More as this week continues. And this is only day one! YIKES!


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