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Notices from Vista: A view from the Mac Side

Well, after hearing the challenge as was mentioned in the previous blog post I started my Mac that morning right after work. Well to back up my statements regarding the multiple times Vista’s UAC (User Access Control) window pops up for running programs, etc. Well once I got vista started after a few reboots for file fixing it seemed to believe that needed to be done, I began my work.

Now going back a bit, one of the things that Rachel had mentioned last week about not needing drivers. Now mind you I only connected two items it had not been connected to before. A different monitor and the router I have at my desk. It notified me that it needed to find drivers for these items for them and notified me when this was done. Two windows right there that were already in my way. Once that it did that and got these two new additions set I did not see it again. However, In comparison to when I connect a new item to the Mac it does not generally have to install drivers the moment new devises are plugged in to it. Not saying this is true in all cases, but the only thing I have really ever had to install something for hardware was for printers but that usually came with an install disk which Cal & Rachel will attest to comes with most hardware.

Now with that out of the way, lets start with a software update window on the windows side. First off I have it running as the admin so I don’t know if any of what follows will make a difference or not. But one thing that I noticed right off that it asked my permissions to install software updates from a third party for my printer. Not only did I get asked not once, not twice, but three separate times in all. Twice from the UAC and once from the software that was being updated and installed itself. Mind you that this was not I haven’t even got in to the Microsoft software update yet.

Next I get two separate windows about the router that I connected to the computer. Now in relationship to how the Mac handles a new connection that if it detects a new connection it just connects. No extra windows to tell me it’s found a network and asks how to connect to the network.

Now with this out of the way I had to give permissions to Spybot to allow changes. Ok, now this admittedly is of my own doing to watch over the operating system to make sure bad things don’t install them selves on the computer and making serious changes that would harm the computer.

Next moving on to the Microsoft updates. Now admittedly I have not run the MS updates in awhile as I have not run Vista in awhile. It tells me that I had one critical and five optional updates that needed to be installed. While this in itself is not unusual, when I went to view the updates, it gave me a blank window. when I closed this window to try to reload the updates window it now tells me that there are no updates whatsoever, critical or otherwise. Well more on this later on..

Next I moved on to install Twirl so I can at least follow the Twitter from within windows. I proceed to download and install the special installer needed for Twirl. Not really a bother at this point as I need it for the .air format they came up with. When I clicked the download button on firefox, it first prompted me saying that it blocked a file that I just asked to download then asked if I want to run or saver the file. Fine no problem I’ve seen this before so I choose run from location. I now get second window asking again if I want to run it from the web, then a third time from the UAC if it can be run! OMG! This is only one program and three questions for it at that point. Now the program starts to get installed it now asks if i want to install it then it asks again after I already told it three time previous so all in all to install this one program I get asked five times in all. Now, When I download a program on the Mac, it just downloads it and if its an installer it starts up the installer which i have set in firefox to ask, which I can set to default but i don’t mind this one time. now that its downloaded, if its a run as is type program with out having to be installed and you start it up it says this program “xyz” was downloaded from website “xyz” on date and time are you sure you want to run it. I click yes, and it just runs. If it were an installer it would would show a license agreement and where to install it. then it moves from two to three dialog boxes. but never five!

Going back to the updates from MS, something interesting that I took notice of, that it does ask me after i tell it to install the updates from MS it just asks then installs. No check other than that! In comparison, when an update from Apple comes out you tell you want to install it then the updater qualifies who is doing the update via an admin password.

Could there be more to this long drawn out post? Yes… There was even more times it asked permissions for. removing an item from the desktop to the trash, starting up the add hardware control program each time. I tested this out several times. Each time i was asked if i really wanted to run it.

By this time and only have installed two programs and took over an hour to get through all this I headed to bed after a busy day at work and this was more tasking then my job!

More as the week with Vista continues….


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