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Packard’s Challenge from the PC / Mac Smackdown

Well, tonight one of my favorite podcasts that I listen to regularly and contribute to during the week tonight not only mentioned me several times (which I just love being mentioned in) but as I listened to the episode #76, both Cal & Rachel gave me a challenge to find not only news about the Microsoft Windows Vista, but positive stuff! While I am up for that challenge, I am taking it a step further. Based on one of my comments they said on the show that night, I am not only going to do the for mentioned challenge but run my Mac in the PC world! Well just for a week anyway. LOL. I don’t have enough hard drive space allocated to download all the updates that MS puts out and be able for it to actually function. So although I would install the required updates, this time I will hold off on that for now.

Now I am not a novice when it comes to living in the windows world, I have more than once helped my friends that have windows XP and Vista and got their systems cleaned up and taught them what anti-spyware programs they should install and what to avoid.

Well, this will be an interesting week until this next Thursday when I will be switching the computer back to Mac side again.


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