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You have Vista eMail!

As I generally have not set Vista up to check my mail, I thought that I would give it a look. Well after being unable to find in the programs listing of ANY hint of a built in mail program I did some may not even think to try to get it to rear its head. I clicked a email address in the web just to see what would happen.

Well low and behold! A mail message window appeared! but it needed set up. However I figured I’d do that set up on it a little later after I could see where the options for that setup was at so I could customize it more later. Well after doing the things that I do at night chatting, twittering and browsing the net, I tried looking for it again in the system. As I had the previous mail message closed and didn’t realize that one of email links I had clicked was hidden in the now shrunken menu bar. So I figured I’d click another email to try to get that setup window back again so i clicked another email link and it went right to the body of message. No set up warning this time at all. Hmmmmm…. What to do? Well I clicked the send button, NOW I get a warning saying not set up. But as I was still not really ready to do an actual send just yet, I went back to look for the Vista mail program again first. I was still was unable to locate it. However I had what I THOUGHT was a clue to it’s whereabouts. Maybe they did this so that new users think that they don’t have a mail program and need to BUY one! Like say Ohh I don’t know… Microsoft Office for example? Yet after digging through the programs and control panels again I did finally locate the “Windows Email” program. I must have been more tired than I thought I was to have missed it the first time, or it could be that they wrapped it around with multiple items starting out Windows This, Windows That and Windows Other. Made me to want to jump out the nearest “Window” However, as I’m only about 6 feet off the ground it wouldn’t be much of a jump anyway. The funny thing is that Microsoft puts SO many icons on the desktop to start out with, at least they used to or in the task bar, why didn’t anyone think to say put this one on the desktop as well for people to easily find it? What bothers me mostly is the fact that it only popped up a message window and not the application with it like the Mac would do show you are in the email program.

Well now I’m off to see the wizard… No, not of OZ, but the mail program wizard. Just have to watch for the flying monkeys. LOL

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