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Frustration is just a Vista keystroke away

Well now into day… What is this so far? Day Three? Can the week zoom by quicker please??

When it comes to using the key commands in Vista or Mac and no matter the keyboard, my typing is sometimes… Well less than stellar… Ok, I’m no keyboardist to the 10th level or anything lol, but I suspect neither are most computers out there. Like most users, my fingers have tendency to slip and press random keys that you may have not intended to hit or didn’t know you had even hit in the first place. When I use my Mac and hit something random, it is usually hitting the expose, or the help key which is a pain, and have to wait for the computer to process opening the help so i can get back to what i was doing. Now this is is an inconvenient but not to bothersome. When I started doing this in the Windows Vista world however, I was in for a few very unpleasant surprises. When I have hit the random key element in Vista I get a dialog box to do some other commands and I am looking at my keyboard and not looking up in time to notice what I’ve done on the screen. Or worse yet I get typing faster as I can hunt and peck pretty well. Ok, not perfect, but pretty well.. and I like to talk online like most people and somehow i managed to hit a key of some sort and I’m not 100% sure if it was this key or not, but i think it was the Scroll Lock key. Have no idea how I even hit this key if it was in fact that key at all. But suddenly I was unable to type at all! When you are in the middle of a conversation this can get quite distressing to say the least! then while your trying to figure out what key to re-click to get this symptom to go away the other person is either getting annoyed or you missed a good place for a joke at a critical moment.

In any event, sometimes having to many commands at your fingertips can be just as bad as having to few and Vista has way more than is really necessary….


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