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Ok, who slipped Vista the snails?

After running Vista without a restart, the week started out ok speed wise, considering that I am running this on a 1.6 Ghz Mac Mini, but as I get closer to the end of this experiment, which is now going into day five, I have been noticing a significant slowdown in the UI and the system overall. While I am not unfamiliar with system slow downs, but only after running the computer non-stop for a relatively short amount of time compared the amount of time of running the Mac OS continually with far more programs open will it slow down, and if I shut them down the computer recovers fairly quickly. I have not seen this happen with Vista. Currently, I have several applications running, four in all at this moment and with each more than two or more windows going. As the Windows OS treats each window as an application in to its own, the OS will slow down more and more with each new window it opens. When my computer is in Mac mode while the OS does dedicate some of the resources to each application that is open, I can run way more than one application with multiple windows open in the Mac OS without a major slow down. Even Little things like typing up this blog has become harder to do with out me nearly pulling my hair out in frustration!


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