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Blink.. Blink.. Blink.. Is that your turn signal? No it’s Vista

While I am now in to day six of using Vista, I am really getting ready to get back to the normal operations of my Mac. While I know that programs need attention and will do what they can to get your attention, why does every one of them have to blink like a cop behind you at a traffic stop? I know this is such a small thing to worry about, but after awhile it can get to be a little bit much. If you are chatting with someone or a something has finished working, yes I would like to know about it but if you don’t get back to it right away and you are trying to think about what your doing right at the moment sometimes a flashing light on the computer screen can get to be distracting. Some may argue that well yes I want to know when someone replies or the like, that’s fine, but for me I don’t really need to know every thing the computer is doing at every moment. With our busy lives do you have time to respond or clear out every blinking thing on the computer? And if you switch to it will it be something that really needed your attention in the first place right then and there or possible cause the system to slow down or crash while you wait for the flashing thing to switch to it? In the Mac OS X if an application needs your attention the application may jump a few times or something else to get your attention but it wont blink incessantly to get your attention.

Keep the flashing lights where they belong… Xmas trees, cop cars, tow trucks and disco balls..

But not in the task bar….


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