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The Young, The Helpless, and The Vista

Well today will make day seven of using Vista and after covering most of it’s short comings of the UI and it’s basic operations I have to I was thinking I was going to be hard pressed for last and final topic using this operating system. Then later in the day I was trying to help someone that I know that was having problems with their computer. I thought, I can do this type of thing in the Mac OS all the time over iChat and its relatively simple. Start iChat, request to see their screen and your all set. So how much harder could Microsoft’s remote connect over internet be? Boy was I in for a SHOCK! I had to not only look online for the directions and the person at the other end was a very novice user that she said she likes her Vista, but the set up was not only confusing to myself on this but to them as well! I had had spent over half an hour with them over chat telling them what they needed to look for to help getting it set up and after going into the control panels and making sure her end was ready for a connect, they became lost and frustrated. I like to help people when I can and help friends when I can and made me feel even more helpless that here was something that I couldn’t get across to them on what to do as they were unable to pull up a web page with the instructions on it so they could follow along.

Rachel may say I’m a Mac bigot, but with all the posts that I’ve outlined, it’s not to hard to be a little bit in the face of such overwhelming problems this system has.


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