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I Love today’s cartoons! Would you like another lead paint chip too kid?

On a totally different tangent from what I normally write about…. No…. Wait……

I write about EVERYTHING!

Nothing is off limits, so why should this be any different.. Well you won’t be disappointed in this one either then!

As well as being the news junkie, And yes I dare say that over the many years of watching TV, and as many adults secretly enjoy still…..


Yes, the colorful animations made but people from all over where anything is possible!

As I still enjoy a well made animation with a good story line behind it (Yes folks there IS a story there) I have been a little to busy with my life to see what they have come up with for today’s kids. And I must say I am so very thoroughly …


Disappointed, disappointed, disappointed.. Oh, did I say I was disappointed?

What has happened to cartoons today? I happened to catch the title of a few of them today, and these shows are so mind numbing is beyond belief!

Sushi Pac? I saw a few minutes of this and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. They have dulled and watered down a cartoon so badly that the ink was barely holding on to the cells they were painted on!

Horse world? Wow! you know there are boys watching TV too, are you trying to turn them in to girls? If you are, start dressing them that way because they will be after watching that!

This one sounded almost worth watching until I saw parts of it. Dino Hero’s? Interesting concept except the whole save the planet aspect part of it, I thought this kind of brain washing went away with Captain Planet!

Then the little 3 -5 yr old mini cartoons with the commercials that look like Lego® blocks. just enough to sap the intelligence and creativity out of you!

Strawberry Shortcake? Ok.. Ladies that grew up with this, and I know that there are a lot of you out there that did, my nieces included in that, But THIS, THIS is NOT the same kind of stuff, it was dumb then, and it’s even dumber now!

Care Bars? Someone please, please, please! Put them back in the toy chest of forgotten toys! These “feel good” things are just pain stupid! I know some one is making money on this, and it’s not ME! and quite honestly, There is a “special place” for people that come up with the dialog for these things! No it’s not a story of any kind it’s more like “lets eat the sugar bowl!” type thing!

Ugh! People please, if you want your kid to grow up in the realm of being normal.. Don’t, Don’t let them watch this crap!

Some might argue that “oh violent cartoons create bad kids makes them violent too” Baloney!

A while back I happened to catch an old Bugs Bunny cartoon, and all the best parts of it they cut out and tossed on to the scrap heap! Why? You might ask? Because someone with more money than brains thinks that kids will see that and think that’s how things work out!

People it’s a cartoon! Watching Silvester get hit with a frying pan never wanted to make me go around and hit an actual cat to see if the same thing would happen! And you know why I didn’t?? Because I had a BRAIN! And my parents were smart enough to know that I would know the difference between cartoon world and real world!

Frankly if you see your kid trying to do the things he saw in a cartoon like that, he or she isn’t sane to begin with! Send them to the “special” group with the lead paint eaters!

The world around kids is hard enough without filling their heads with mindless stuff that will do nothing but make them in to cottage cheese for brains! Where is the spirit there? Is that what these are really trying to say that your kids are to stupid to handle or understand the difference between cartoons and real life?

Show them a classic cartoon, unedited and see the joy in their face as well as your own come alive. Not this drivel they pass off as entertainment today. Sit down and watch this stuff with them, and if you can’t stand to sit though it, why make them do it.


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