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It’s Bacon!

Well, it is and it’s not.  While we all get flooded with emails from spammers and I know how much most all of us all hate SPAM, and I’m not talking about the mystery meat that you buy in the can that goes slup, slup, slup when we try to remove it from that can. I am however talking about that SPAM that comes in our email for products that we will never buy, never heard of, or would want us to make us take the whole computer, unplug it from the wall and write it off as a bad idea. Well there is another form of SPAM out there, and from the way I understand i, it isn’t SPAM at all but bacon! No not that tasty breakfast treat we enjoy with eggs on the side all crunchy or chewy or.. I’d better stop that or i’ll have to make up some BLT’s right now! The kind of SPAM I am (and no my name ain’t Sam) talking about is the kind of SPAM we actively want to be put on our email address to flood our mail boxes.

Now you may be asking yourself, why on this green earth would anyone actually go out and have their email addresses flooded with such crap?

I have seen that the reasons are many actually, from the hopes of winning a new car, money or from the simple fact that they are lonely. Even if the “person” which we all know isn’t a person but an automated server or bot net sending out tons of these a second to email address on the Internet.

To address these things as I am sitting here with nothing to do and no one to talk to as my kids are either playing a game, watching TV, or doing something on the computer, I got to thinking of the reasons why people would want to do this so here I am writing about it and you hopefully reading it. Boy aren’t we a fun bunch!?

For the people that want to win cash or prizes, I’m sure the odds are NOT in your favor to win money by filling out pointless surveys about pointless things that are meaningless to everyone. I mean just how many ways do they really need to know how many times you wash your hands per day to get a free sample of Jergins hand lotion or a fabulous get away vacation so the Bahamas  by telling them what you read or what kind of car you drive?  Pointless and meaningless..

Some may argue that surveys advance our culture.. For what?  Pointless mindless consumerism? Do we really need yet another way to make toast?  How about toast with pictures on it?  Again why and do we really need that?

On the other side of the bacon scale, there is the lonely people out there.  The people that who’s only friends are people that they listen to on the radio, or talk to people over the internet and have never met and live to far away to have any real meaningful relationships with because they live in towns so far away that you need to get on an airplane just to visit with them and we all know what the airlines think of that!  Please spend your money with us!  Go someplace you never been!  For the people that live with their lives in a near bubble and can’t afford to hop on a plane and have no one to talk to they turn to what??? That’s right class!  SPAM!  But if you go looking for it, its no longer SPAM they consider you “bacon”.  The thing is for the “bacon” people they are for he most part I believe to be someone that needs a good friend some one they can turn to to talk with, but as so many people out there think that there is always something better down the road and to picky to see and accept whats in front of them, the people turn to the only “people” that will acknowledge them or pretend they exist so they feel that some one cares even when the really don’t.  The spammers.

So there you have it, email with a side of “bacon”.


2 Responses to “It’s Bacon!”

  1. How do I get rid of this crap? I have 75 emails a day that I don’t want. I have most of them going to my spam box however they just seem to change the name of the person sending it and I get more in my in box.

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