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Shhhh… It’s a secret…. Or is it?

There is a site that you can visit where if you have something that you want to say and get off your chest without anyone (hopefully) knowing who you are and the secret you are posting.  As it is a secret that gets posted directly to twitter, then everyone that is on twitter and gets this particular feed will know your secret.  Not who you are, where you come from or even if this secret is real. While there are plenty that get posted, there are far more that get rejected out of hand for one reason or another. I have been following these “secrets” for a short while now and some are sad, funny, disturbing and some are just so bizarre that you have to say to yourself, is this person for real?  Well as not ALL the posts to this particular site get posted where everyone gets them you have to go to the website to read the ones that get beaten down.  How does one get though and another sent to the fail box? People “volunteers” are apparently reading these “as fast as they can” according to the site to post them.  It may come to a point where I think they should just bite the bullet and make a filter then just post what makes it then.  While a human filter is good as any filter can get (Ok for those of you not wetting yourself with laughter at this point or saying WTH are you talking about) however, we are far from perfect when it comes to this.  Plus, doing each one manually is as slow as black strap molasses in January at night in the middle of the arctic. (Ok there are no trees in the middle of the arctic, so please don’t bother telling me that)  My point is that a lot of the ones that I read I thought were really good and a lot were it fact of course really dumb, yet a lot of the dumb ones still make it though.  For anyone that wants to know the name of this site. and I will say now I am not endorsing them in anywy shape or form but it’s

With this said, there is something else to be said about secrets, whether you post them online, lock in a box, keep in your head till you die, or get paid by the government to keep them in a deep, deep, hole in the ground, what is it about a secret that is just so fascinating that we just feel we have to know?  It seems that secrets are as plentiful as.. Well… US!  Is what someone knows or keeping from us just so important to know that we have to obsess over it, then blog, talk, or whisper about who has this hidden information and who doesn’t?  What would the world around us be like with out these secrets? More enlightened or total disaster?  Are we better off with them so we have something to talk and gossip about?

And like everyone one else…. I too… Have secrets…… Ok, that was supposed to be a secret… But… Shhh…. Don’t tell anyone…


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