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The law hides in the dark…

In my job I have to travel around a lot, and seeing bad drivers out there is not anything new that anyone else that has to travel on a regular bases knows this as well. The people that speed take unnecessary chances and basically drive like total nuts. Because people are like this out on our roads, this is why we have the police out there patrolling out streets and highways.  Of this I have no real problem with law enforcement. I do however; have a problem with when they hide in the dark or behind things to catch you doing something wrong!  Tonight for example, on my way to get my pizza, as I don’t usually go out a lot I don’t really worry about it, however on my way there I noticed a Wisconsin State Trooper not only hiding in the dark running with no lights on what so ever but also hiding mostly behind a partial snow bank hiding his car from on coming traffic. The last I heard that the police in this state HAD TO have at least parking lights or an interior light on when they sit in the dark.  To me this is just as bad as a crook hiding behind the bushes to rob you!  What have we come to as a society when the law has to act like the criminals they are trying to catch?  Has it really become about catching speeders and drunks or has it really become more about catching people for legalized crime?  Yes I said it!  Legalized crime!  It seems that lately that its not about justice or the law, but how much they can take from our wallets!
A few years ago I was on my way back from LaCrosse and I had my radar detector in the car and it randomly started going off.  Well as the area I was traveling though at the time was pretty much devoid of anything that could cause it, I decided to still play it safe.  When it started really going nuts that’s when I noticed a state trooper standing in the middle of the highway with a radar gun, but where was his car?  Apparently the cop had hid his police car down in a valley between the two highways to keep from being spotted!  How low can they go? This is no longer a line from the limbo song, but a way of life for the state government and law enforcement!I don’t fault the police for doing their jobs, but when they resort to near criminal behavior it’s time that we step back and take a long hard look at the way that they conduct themselves in the real world around us.  If we are supposed to trust the cops, and frankly I don’t because it’s become nothing more than publicly paid bullies that are getting further and further from anything that resemble what the law should be considered to be.

If your in law enforcement and I would never want to do that type of job as for the most part I’m not suited for it and many aren’t, but those of you that go in to it with high ambition of making a difference and you resort to hiding in the dark to do your job, then you Sir or Madam are now the criminals and I have ZERO respect for you!


2 Responses to “The law hides in the dark…”

  1. Do you know how many people are killed by people speeding every year? If hiding in the dark saves just one life isn’t it worth it?

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