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And now you know… The rest of the story. Good Day! RIP

As many of you may or may not have heard by now that radio personality Paul Harvey passed away recently Feb 28 2009 to be precise. Normally I don’t write up stuff about famous people when they die, unless they brought some impact to me personally. Well One I hadn’t written about was George Carlin, but at the time I didn’t have a regular blog and I didn’t post anything about it. But this one is not about him. This is about Paul.

Growing up hearing him on the radio, I thought that he was some one that was a local radio guy. Of course that was when I was very young and really didn’t know anything about how radio worked, the national syndication of things. Over the years of listening to him, it was a voice that unlike friends that came and went, he was just always there. Except when he would drone on about some vacuum cleaner or some medicine in which case, I would just turn it down as I really didn’t want to hear that.  Now however, as with most things when someone dies, you will hang on every word of what they are saying even if what they are saying was something you really didn’t want to listen to in the first place, just as a comfort feeling of remembrance.  I don’t know if Paul knew how sick he was or if he even had the chance to, but if he had know that his time was drawing near and had the chance to record just one more thing for the listening audience as a way of saying goodbye to us all that I’m sure that only he could do it, and if he did I hope that it will get played so that we all can hear what that final rest of the story line would be.

Goodbye Paul, you will be missed, as you were the voice that rung out so loudly in the wilderness when so many came and went without as much fanfare.  You held on in that type of work longer than anyone would even want to and in the radio game that is saying something right there.

And in Paul’s famous words,

And now you know the rest of the story… Good day!


One Response to “And now you know… The rest of the story. Good Day! RIP”

  1. Thank you for posting this… even if no one else has commented. I didn’t know until just now that Paul had died. I’m sorry to hear that, and appreciative that someone told me. Like you, I really liked him. I listened whenever I could. Whether it was his comforting and distracting voice while I was in a dental chair, or as my radio alarm went off in the morning, it was always good to hear his comments about life and the world around us. Again, thank you. Take care.

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