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They say sex sells… But burgers and computers?

Well I have been awaiting a good time to sit down and write about this one, with having a cold and the kids here at my place it was hard to concentrate on this topic. But enough about that.. On to the latest pure unadulterated baloney.. There are few new commercials aimed at guys on TV, and personally I find them quite insulting!

Why would I find these insulting you ask? Well the commercial itself isn’t that bad, it’s the message that it seems to be saying behind what the product is about is what bothers me mostly.

Lets start with the latest Burger King commercial. It shows these two guys sitting on a bench getting ready to eat their lunch and one has this new “mini shot” burgers that he pulls out, and as he does this women come out of no where and start getting really friendly and seem to want him and these burgers!  Just because of these burgers women get hot and want you? Please! Give me a break!

The next Item up on the stupidity list is a commercial for a new Dell computer. While this commercial never really says much about the computer it self, but just because this guy is carrying a “Red Dell” he is not only getting hit on by girls but guys and everyone that he walks by.

My biggest problem with these commercials is that they think that guys are so gullible, horny, or lonely to think that just because they buy or use these products that they will get attention from beautiful women that will hang on them like they suddenly became Adonis or gods gift to women.  To me this is such a bogus way to promote a product, while I’m sure that there are some guys out there that will associate these together, I for one won’t.  I do like Burger King restaurants in general but I have yet to try these burgers.  Not because these things look like a six pack of burgers, which is essence what they are, but mostly because that by buying these things, I feel I am promoting the stereo type that guys buy this stuff to get attention from women and not to satisfy their more basic need for food.  With the “Red Dell” laptop that is pretty much promoting the same thing here, I wont be using that product either for a multitude of reason and anyone that knows me and has been following these blogs know that if I’m using a windows laptop for something it wont be to impress women or anyone else for that matter and If I had the cash for a new laptop it would certainly be a Mac anyway.


One Response to “They say sex sells… But burgers and computers?”

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