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Where oh where has customer service gone? McDonalds has none!

Where has customer service gone today? I know that times right now are tight and everyone is trying to hold on to their money as best as they can, but lately it seems that businesses are getting not only more greedy and beginning to focus less and less on the people that made their place of business what it is today.

Here is a crazy example of such an event.  Recently a woman went in to McDonalds paid for her “chicken nuggets” and then they said “We are out” so she tried to get a refund, but they said “All sales are final and your not getting your money back!” So she called 911 three times and well she got busted, but she did eventually get her nuggets and her money back.  It’s sad to say that this story had to make it on the news, the Internet, and a TV show TMZ before they would do the right thing.

Recently I had a similar experience with a near by McDonalds. Well 911 and the cops weren’t involved at least, but I had asked for something so simple that I had done a million times before and was treated quite badly by the staff there.  I went though the drive though of a McDonalds to get something to eat and I hadn’t ordered a small amount of food and wasn’t expecting to be told that something that can be done wasn’t possible.

So I ordered my food and asked for a half and half of soda. I had done this hundreds of times at lots of restaurants in the past including McDonalds as well and the kid on the speaker said “We can’t do that” Excuse me but you can and I then explained to them that I could go to any restaurant though the drive though and get this. So I asked why he “couldn’t”.  “Our systems are all automatic.” was the reply. Which I knew was a bogus answer because if you put in the wrong sized cup or it fails there is a stop button on the machine I’m sure.  Then there was silence for a few minutes after I pointed out his failed logic to him. Then He comes back saying, “Yea we can do that.” Well AT that moment I thought well that’s that and I would pay my money and be on my way. BOY WAS I MISTAKEN!  After I paid for the food and was being handed the drink some woman yells at me for asking for this mixed soda and how I put them out because they had to go to the dinning area to make the soda and how they weren’t “obligated” to even do this for me!  Excuse me?! I came to your place of business for service and paid for my food, but your not “obligated” to give me customer service? That is just wrong all the way around!

In my humble opinion, that McDonalds has poor service all the way around. The staff is either poorly trained or the managers are so pressed to save a buck that they just don’t give a rats rip about the on thing that keeps them in business.  CUSTOMERS!  McDonalds, if we stop showing up at your doors, you wont have a cash flow and personally, till they start getting better, I won’t be going back to one anytime soon or ever again!


One Response to “Where oh where has customer service gone? McDonalds has none!”

  1. lol it’s funny how they’re like “all sales are final” as if they’re selling used cars or computer parts. It’s a 4 dollar food item, they probably drop 4 dollars worth of mcnuggets on the floor every hour.

    It’s so silly to have such hurdles for customer service when all it takes to make a customer satisfied, is just a simple smile and to give them back their 4 dollars. I’m not in the food service industry but I think I could do a better job in my sleep than the manager who managed to run out of McNuggets. If I was the owner of the franchise I’d fire them on the spot.

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