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President Obama and the magic wand. It fixes EVERYTHING!

Well it’s time for another one of my posts on something that I have been bouncing back and forth in the old noggin!

While I know that currently the situation around the nation is not in the best of places right now financially, and the economy has been taking a hard beating as of late, but if we look back in history that we have gone though this type of situation before. With an exception that seems to be getting in the craw of some people on the far right although they won’t publicly admit it as they will be labeled the very thing they are. RASIST!  Yes I said it and I believe that this is the true feelings about what’s going on here.  Well, to be fair I could be wrong here, but while the GOP for many years has been shooting them selves in the foot metaphorically speaking with all the crazy things they have done every time a Democrat gets in to office, this time they seem to be especially polarized on pointing out how Obama hasn’t done this or hasn’t done that. But at the core issue of it all is that Obama isn’t just a Democrat, but a BLACK MAN as well!  In their minds I’m guessing that for them it’s ok for black people to be in sports oh but that took us almost a hundred years for that to happen and they fear that their reign of white politics baloney going unchecked will come to an end!  He is black, DEAL with it and lets move on!

Now let’s move on to how quick things are to be fixed with the economy, first off the guy has just gotten in to office and they want him to pull out a magic wand and it will be all fixed.  There is an old saying that people seem to forget, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!” If you want it magically done quickly, go see a magic act or move to Hollywood where they can solve the biggest problems in an hour or less. That is unless it’s to be…. Continued next week!  You republicans had eight YEARS of unchecked and uncontrolled nonsense and your complaining that he hasn’t solved your screw-ups in 2 months? I have one question for you and please take it to heart..  What? Are you STUPID or something? I mean REALLY are you THAT STUPID?!?!

While I know that the office of the President isn’t like your average guy starting a new job and having to learn the ropes to some day to be promoted or get a raise, as there is far more at stake here than whether you got a guy his pizza made and delivered on time, or that multi million dollar business deal that will effect a small town, but more of how the world will work and look at us as a whole.  While I have a little knowledge of all the inner workings of politics and how that all works behind the velvet curtain, and what we can’t see and don’t hardly find out about.

In my opinion, people (mostly the GOP) need to step back a little bit and let the President do his job and the time he needs to get it done.   The GOP and the republican party the last eight years have been doing what they can to destroy the country and the economy with their greedy ways that now someone is in charge that wants to take some of that ill gotten gain from them and back in the hands of the people they stole it from with price fixing and other shady deals that we had little control of and doing the watch this hand while I steal your wallet with my other one.

While I am not saying that the President should be able to do things unchecked, as we all know how the last eight years tuned out and we should not just let Obama run wild like Bush 1.0 and Bush 2.0 did, but in all fairness, I haven’t seen that yet.  When and if it does, I will be saying something about at that time, but for right now GOP, take Rush and put him and all of his crazy followers back in the dark holes they crawled out of and put the cover back on nice and tight!


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