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Respect is NOT a one-way street.

For the last few months, I have been taking notice of advertisements and even in my kid’s schools advertisements saying that men must respect women. While I wont go to say that is a bad thing, and I know that as the “weaker sex” women do deserve to be respected as equals.   Now with that said, I want to point out that this advertising is very one sided!  It seems to go out of its way to blame the men for all the trouble.  I can already hear the arguments coming, men beat, and men cheat, men bla, bla, bla!  I think that men in general are getting a bad rep for a lot of stuff for the way things used to be.  People change over time and while I can’t speak for all guys just as a woman can’t speak for all women, I am pointing out some things that ladies seem to “overlook”.
I was watching some shows the other night and these shows while pandering to the lowest common denominator of entertainment, there were based about relationships and how they go bad.  So where am I going with all this?  Well if you have been reading my blog posts for a while now, I never get right to the point.  What fun would that be?   As I was saying, while watching these shows the women on them were overall the ones that were the aggressors, slapping, hitting, throwing things, taunting the guys to hit them back so they could cry “he beat me” or something like that I’m sure!

Like the old saying goes, it takes two to tango! While I know that overall that a lot of guys are often the ones that strike out, and I’m not giving license to any guys out there to hit women. That is NOT my point here.  My point is that women are also just as guilty of these things but it is sorely overlooked!  Going back to the TV shows I watched for example.  These women were confronting her man and another women. While he stood there, she was hitting him in the face! Not once, not twice, but many times!  While the camera crew just stood there and let it happen, over and over again.  Now lets reverse this for just a moment.  If the aggressor were in fact the guy in this case, hitting the women, even if it had been a slap in the face. Even if it had been just once, the security people that are with the camera crew would have been all over him like white on rice!  Oh yea that’s fair!

To me, its seeming that women overall are becoming more and more aggressive when it comes to interpersonal relationships, and if they are the ones to throw the first punch, slap, or plate.  They should be held accountable for it just as well if it had been a guy doing it.  So respect should be a two way street here.  If you don’t want guys to hit women, women shouldn’t be the ones striking out and hitting guys with little or no recourse.  And PLEASE don’t go and give me that “Be a man” crap!  That is the exact kind of thinking is why we have the problems the way they are right now. How about “Be a person”.  The more we go down this road of guys have to respect for women, and men get no or little respect from women, we will be where we were 20 – 100 years ago only with the women having all the power and the guys none and look how that turned out.  There are a lot of women out there that will read that last point and say yea that’s how it should be!  That is not the answer here! No matter how you look at it one gender shouldn’t be able to get away with doing something while the other takes all the heat!

I know that in some cultures women don’t get any respect at all, and yes that needs to be changed too, but when it does lets not swing the pendulum all the way the other direction either!

I may post again on this subject later on, even though with many people it may be very touchy thing to talk about or even come out and express, but as you have read in my previous posts I don’t hold back on that and say what is on my mind.

For now, lets work on respecting each other and not just a one-way street!


2 Responses to “Respect is NOT a one-way street.”

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  2. There was a time when women respected men. And men treated women as ladies because they acted accordingly. We do need to respect one another and learn to get along with one another.

    A very good post.

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