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Do on to others as you would have them do upon you, or should you?

Well time again for another well timed post.
Tonight, I did something I haven’t done in a long time and went out for a walk. Which I don’t normally do much anymore as my time is some what limited and living in the part of town that I do, that there really isn’t much to see or walk to unless you want to walk to the nearest bar or gas station. Oh, there is just so much to do at 10: 45 PM. Well, not really unless I want to try walking 10 miles to the nearest Wal-Mart.  Recently I have been doing something that I said I would never do. A four-letter word that brings pain to a lot of faces when they hear it. DIET! This was the main reason I was out for a walk this night was to get a little exercise and get out of the house for a while.  Well that’s where this all begins, and where to nights topic will be taking me. As I said before I was out for a walk, and the thing about me, I just don’t go for a stroll around the block and come back, when I go for a walk, I take VERY LONG WALKS!  Well at least a few miles anyway and for several hours.
So as I am starting my walk this evening, I have the feeling that something is going to happen, which could be anything from getting hit by a car or nothing at all and just my interpretation of being out late at night instead of staying home and browsing the internet. But I had the feeling something was going to happen. I didn’t know what at the time, just that it would.  I have always had a “sixth sense” about things and tonight wasn’t going to be any different.  Well did that turn me around enough to go back home? No. I have never been really afraid of dealing with what may happen, especially when my gut is screaming out at me saying turn around you fool!  Turn back!  The way I see it, if I don’t confront it, good or bad, it was something that was bound to happen one way or the other.  Well as I continued my walk and I had been walking now for about 45 minuets or so when I look over and I see across the street, some guy on a bike.  Nothing really unusual about this as it was nearly 50 deg outside.  So I as I continued on my way and listening to a podcast on my iPod, the next thing I hear is a loud hard thud!  Not knowing where this came from, I look over where the guy was at he had fallen off his bike and landed headlong into the street!  Setting my personal safety aside and even though I am not an EMT or anything, I ran over to see if the guy was ok.  He wasn’t responding at first when I went to his aid and asked him if he was ok. At that point I got on my phone and started calling for help.  Another person who happened to see him in the street that had been driving by came over as well but he left shortly before I could so I had no extra help at this point.  As I was trying to reach the police the guy started grabbing at my phone with his bloody hands screaming at me not to call the cops!  At this point I had already been talking to them and I had to fend him off at which point this woman comes out saying that he was “accident-prone”.  He was stone drunk is more what it was!  This woman was claiming she was his girl friend and was trying to get him to go back to the bar before the cops showed up and the guy lunged at me several times when I was talking to the county cops.  The reason for talking to them and not the local police, because here it seems here that anything that happens after 5 pm you would not be able to reach a city cop directly. Why they do they do this?  I don’t know. That’s a topic for a whole other day.  Anyway this guy keeps saying how if the cops show up he is going to run. In the back one my mind I was thinking two things, 1) dude you cane barely walk and you think you are going to run from the cops? And 2) running from the cops when drunk, not a good idea!  I try to give them as much information where I was and where they could find him and keep out of his reach so he doesn’t try taking my phone, and all this time he was just cursing me out for trying to help him. The guy was bleeding from his head had taken a nosedive in to the street from a bike, and what was I supposed to do?  Ignore it?  People that know me would know that I will always try to help someone when I can and if I can.   That’s all what I was trying to do was help this guy, and what did I get for my trouble?  For trying to help him, he chews me out. Trying to give a helping hand to someone in need.  The funny thing is that if something like that was to happen to me and I was bleeding like he was, that I would welcome help from someone if they were to stop and try to help me, and not get in their face about offering assistance.  The main thing is, and if I am correct on this that if lets say that I had seen him fall and no one else did, and I continued on my way as he laid there in the street and was hit by a truck or car, and I did nothing and the guy died, from that or even if he had died from the injuries he sustained in just falling off his bike and I did nothing to try to help, and it came back on me some how, I would be considered negligent and could be charged with a crime of inaction.  Shortly after this happened I continued my walk and came across a cop sitting in his car and I gave him more detail about what had happened.  And yes he was sitting there dark.  Which I have already wrote up in my blog a few entries back.  But as I continued on my way I had seen him pass me going away from the location of where it had happened as he said there was already someone on the scene from another location then he came about several minutes later and sped the direction where the event happened.  I don’t know if he was called in to help the other officer that was already there or not, but it was in that direction so that’s what my nearest guess was.  I then continued my walk and returned home this evening with no further events after that.
So what is the moral to this story?  I don’t know.  It just seems that when I try to help someone, there has been something that just ends up trying to bite me in the butt over it. But this event won’t discourage me from trying to help others in the future even if it bites me again.  Although I wonder if the next time I try to help someone what the personal cost it will be and will I survive it in tact?


One Response to “Do on to others as you would have them do upon you, or should you?”

  1. I think that this was an entirely unique situation, at least I hope it was. The guy should have been happy that there was someone to help him, and if he was drunk and riding a bicycle, it serves him right to have the cops called on him. I guess we should be happy he was driving a bicycle, and not a motorized vehicle. So in one sense he was smart, but if you are going to drink. Keep your drunk butt home!, or if your at a bar or something, make that last couple of drinks water, or soda so you are sober enough to get home. I’m sorry that you were treated this way by someone that was obviously completely off his rocker. Good on you for calling the cops and getting him help!

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