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A trip to Indianapolis IN

This I originally posted on Monday May 22, 2006 – 06:03pm (CDT)

I had to take a delivery to this city over the weekend, and not that it wasn’t an oh so fun trip racing against the clock to get there after having been running around like I usually do.. As most that have to carry a log book, or even have an idea of what that is (and no its not a book about logs LOL) you are allowed only so much time to what you need to do and get done. Well, somehow I was able to get there within the time I had available to me. How? I have no Idea. However, that’s not what this entry is about, but I wanted to add it anyway as it was somewhat part of what I have to do for my work and may be mentioned later on somewhere in the blog entry..

I have mentioned it before, and to make it clear. People that drive in IL are NUTS!!! Please get some therapy or something, but don’t take it out on the other drivers by driving like you are rushing home because your late for your nap!

Once I got out of WI, (that’s Wisconsin for the state initials impaired) I again see the signs of the oh so stupid politics of an area showing up. I know that road improvements are needed because if we didn’t have them, well the roads would be even worse then they are now. However, DON’T tear up 10 miles of road and then sit there and scratch your butt for half an hour or have 5 guys standing around talking for that amount of time about god knows what. When you are going to do something like that, get as much equipment and men in area that will get it done quickly,and then move on down the road and not all this spread out crap that they do.

Ok, enough ranting about how slow road constructions are, and how stupidly they go about doing it.

I finally get in to IN, (that’s Indiana for the state initials impaired) and as I had to drive a rather large truck down there this time, I was told that its only 4 hours from Milwaukee, which I had to stop in. HA! 4 hours my butt! With all the traffic I had to fight on the way down, which goes back to the road construction I had to meander through in Chicago, It was a little lighter then it had been at least on this trip. It still took a lot longer than 4 hours to get there. My job description for this is not just to get it there, its to get it there QUICKLY!! When someone calls us, it’s because they want it there ASAP!! Well I get there a few hours before they said they needed it, which is all fine and good, however the “guards” there have no concept of time and what importance it is. As soon as I got out there, I was out of hours for driving anyway so I really couldn’t go anywhere in that truck anyway, but when I get there I explain that they asked for this before the time and they act like they… well like brain dead morons and look at me like a deer in headlights when I explain this all to them when my company is called to make a delivery they pretty much wanted it yesterday. That’s why they call us. Well, I wait and wait, for 4 and a half hours I wait! As any one that drives will tell you, that drives and get payed by the mile and not by the hour, if your sitting there doing nothing, your not making a dime. Well not that I had any hours to drive back on anyway, so there I sat waiting.. Well 5:30 AM local time comes and my dispatcher contacts me and says go see if they will take delivery as that was the time they wanted it. Well you think I’m going to stay awake after having been up at 5:00 AM just the previous morning? Hell no! I’m going to be sleeping. So I get up and is anyone around? NOPE! So I find a speaker on a gate of some sort and start talking to the disembodied voice on the other end that “has been doing this for 4 years” and nothing is going to change his mind because he is oh so smug sounding sitting back where he doesn’t have to actually listen to anyone cause he is another STUPID MORON!! Well I wait for another hour and then they want it, I could have just said hey I tried to deliver at the time you wanted it and they simply refused it and I could have said hey I’m not moving this truck for 10 hours and your S.O.L. till then. However, in the interests of keeping my job, and getting the hell out of there I make the delivery. This is where the effects of 9/11 have made everyone so squirrelly. I have had to take stuff to a lot of places over the years and I have never seen a place ask for so much info about where I was from wanted so much information on me when I made the delivery. I know If I have nothing to hide then why bitch about it? Well not that I have anything to hide, but dammit I should have a right to some privacy as well as much as the next person! I mean if I looked like I was from another country, I could see asking for this information, but HELL I’m no damn towel head! Nor do I even look like one! And with the kind of truck I was driving if it were ready to “go off” like what happened in Waco at that federal building, wouldn’t I have parked it and took off? However I guess since I didn’t look like a towel head they didn’t surround the truck with a load of police at least. I’m just trying to get there get it done kind of guy when it comes to my job.

Another thing that I can’t understand, not this is not only happening in IN, but several other states that I have driven through is that they have different driving speeds for different sized trucks and cars. Why? Wouldn’t it make sense to have all the traffic traveling down the same road at the same same speed? I guess that would make just too much damn sense to do it that way. Of course who said that the people that make the laws had any brains what so ever to begin with! (See my previous blog entry for another example of stupidity in action.)

When I have to deal with people whether they are the people tearing up the road, driving on the road, or people that are afraid of their own shadows since 9/11, and have less intelligence than the lint in my pockets, it hard not to BITCH some!


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