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A Trip to Minneapolis, MN on the dreaded triple 6 number day!

I originally posted this on Sunday June 11, 2006 – 12:21pm (CDT)

Once again, I was sent on a dangerous mission to the wilderness.. Oh wait, that was that show I was watching the other night.. Never mind… Oh yea! My trip to Minneapolis, MN (that’s Minnesota for the state abbreviation impaired) I recently, well not so recently added something to my arsenal of travel needs, (sort of) a GPS unit. Which for the most part works pretty well, except every so often a town or city will do the dastardly thing and change the way the roads are laid out and forget to tell anyone, well except the people that live there.. Well Its NOT exactly a GPS its more like my laptop computer outfitted with a GPS unit that hangs on the back and a map to keep track of where I was, where I am and hopefully where I’m going! Well on my way there I had to travel through Eau Claire, WI and they had just recently completed a new highway to cut through all the extra turn here turn there and hope you don’t turn over on the small exit.. Which I say for the most part is not too bad, except my software (and yes its the latest version) does not have this information on it, and most likely wont for at least another 5 – 10 years! Just enough time them to change the roads again. Anyway, the map does its best to follow me as it shows me apparently bah-hing over peoples houses, livestock, their families, and all their worldly possessions! Of course that’s just on the map. But no worries there, at least there are road signs.. Well YOU HOPE there are road signs on just recently competed roads, in this case there was. Well, now that I have had my fun apparently wandering all over the place (according to the map software) I am now back on track and on my way there. Well, as it turns out I had been there before and the last time I was there, making a delivery to this same place and Co., The van I was in broke down and I was unable to return that night (a previous misadventure I may share with you some other time) however, as I work another job and had not missed a day and the work season was wrapping up, I was a bit apprehensive about taking this particular trip there again as I didn’t want to miss the last day. And since the day was… well the 6th of June and being somewhat superstitious you can see why I was in that frame of mind. Well, the reason I had mentioned the GPS previously as its somewhat important to the story here, well in the previous trips to this particular place I had taken a different way to get there and seeing that it had been at least a year or more since I was there last, I had forgotten which way I had taken. Well the GPS had me going straight (loosely put) as there are almost no straight roads in the city of Minneapolis and the twin cities, but it was interesting to say the least, that they have a tunnel there and a toll road! This I didn’t even know or was aware of! Like Chicago, they have some roads that are for carpooling only, and some woman thought she could get away with going through there but was quite unsuccessful as she had been busted by the cops! LOL! I don’t know what it is about tunnels (maybe a novelty really) that I like driving through them. In previous trips I had never known they even had it. Not that it was very long or anything but it was there. Anyway, as I’m traveling and people are of course as always in a BIG hurry to get nowhere fast, they cram every car they can on to the road just to delay me! LOL Naw!! I know that’s just how BIG city life is, although sometimes I wonder hmmm… Anyway, as I had said before, the name of the place sounded familiar but I couldn’t place my finger on it. But when I arrived there I realized I could have saved myself a WHOLE LOT of time if i had remembered to take that other direction (or so I thought). Well I get there and get it over and done with so as then I remembered the other way that I would usually come in, but yet forgot all the extra twists and turns the other highway takes and because some chowder head cuts me off on my way back I totally missed the road I was to be on! it is so nice that they make a 6 lane road and then squeeze it down into two lanes.. Us drivers really appreciate that! As I was saying before I thought that way would be faster but to my surprise not quite as fast as I though it would be as that the road is under construction! ARRGGG!! Oh well, not like I haven’t had to deal with road construction before, but at least it wasn’t as bad as Chicago! Well it’s almost as bad. Keep trying, you’ll get there some day too! As I may or may not have mentioned before I like to notice various signs and what nots of interest and there was one that caught my eye that I couldn’t help but laugh at. Well it wasn’t so much that it was the sign was particularly meant to be funny in anyway, but it was more ironic really when I think about it. It was an ad for a web site, that was meant to be a good thing just the address is what made it so wrong. Well I haven’t visited the site and I’m not going too nor will i give it out directly here but it was something about a day or prayer for the world and in the address was tacked in MN into the web address. Ok, so where is the irony of it? Well if its SUPPOSED to be world prayer wouldn’t you leave off the MN on the end? Apparently the people that funded the web site may be thinking that there is no land outside MN! Or just the world according to MN. Ahh, who knows and who cares really, but it was just something I noticed that I thought was a bit poorly planned out on their part. Who knows maybe they wanted to be the first to take stake out the world of it and though adding MN was a good idea! It could be there was one already and they couldn’t get the rights to post it on a billboard, so they just started over. Well after that the trip was pretty much as you would expect long and boring and not really much to tell. The long straight roads are faster, but the the ones with the twists an turns yield the most interesting things you get to see.


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