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A Trip To Ohio but not to where I was originally told.

This was originally posted on Tuesday June 13, 2006 – 05:52pm (CDT)

Well another long trip… This one an over nighter as one would expect. I was sitting at home waiting to be called for a trip or at least something to do now that my other job was done for the year.. Finally, a call! A long trip! Well I was initially told I was going to Cleveland OH (that’s Ohio for the state abbreviated impaired). Well I get to work grab a truck and head south to Milwaukee to get a bigger truck that was to come here and when I say here, as I write this I am CURRENTLY IN OH. But I will get to that soon enough.. I get there and they usually have a bigger truck with a sleeper, which is what most of the time I get on long trips like this. Well to my surprise I am stuck in a Ryder truck with NO SLEEPING CAB!!! Well this is sometimes a mixed blessing in itself. On the plus side, once I get to where I am going I can get a room with a real bed to sleep in! On the down side, if I get tired there really isn’t any place to rest in the cab. Then once I get the paperwork which I need I find out I’m not going to the city of Cleveland, but to a city called Salem! Which I was just glad it wasn’t Halloween… Anyway, on long trips if its a need to be there situation they usually send two people as I have only so many hours which I can drive. Well I went over that by a little bit. BY THREE HOURS OVER!! Oh well. Well I get here and find the place easily enough and go to get some info about any hotels in the area. Well this place isn’t very big and the hotels here consists of thee in the area NONE of which have any place to park a bigger truck like the one I was driving. Then once I find the local places I get told I was to wait at the drop off point till the delivery and there was no one there!! However there was a parking lot nearby right next to it in fact. But as empty as it was i didn’t think anyone would mind. My mistake! The hospital which owns the parking lot sends over the hired cop and flashes his badge at me trying to be intimidating to come and kick me out off the property. Well, he starts getting all hot and bothered about me being there. I asked very nicely to just stay there for a little while and he starts going off on me for no reason! What an A-HOLE I was thinking. But I get him to calm down, and I move to the construction site where no one is there. By then I was even more tired by now. So I wait for two hours more for them to arrive and finally get unloaded and find out that there are other hotels in the area. I drive by them, all of which sucked! So finally I make my way, in a very tired state, as by then another 4 hours and it would be up and awake for 24 straight. So by then I was starting to get a bit loopy.. Then as I make my way for the highway where the good hotels are, I see a SIGN! SUPER 8! YEA!! Well any time now I will be in a room with a bed a shower and TV. As I find out they say they don’t have any internet access (at least so they said) But as you can see they did have it after all. AHH, well I have a long trip ahead of me for the way back, and have paperwork to do, so I will leave off here and will update this again once I get out of OH.


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