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A trip within the state to Sauk City

This was originally posted on Tuesday June 20, 2006 – 07:54pm (CDT)

Well finally a trip within the borders of my own state I can say something about.

Well as most of my day was being spent doing nothing well till at least 10 AM anyway. I got a call to take a trip down to Sauk City, WI. Well I get to my pick up point in a city much further north of where I was going to, I wont mention where as there wasn’t too much to mention here. I made my way down the Highway and see that the exit (the only exit i needed to take) was under construction. Oh boy here we go, I think to myself I’m going to have to go way out of my way to get where I’m going. However, I got lucky and it was mostly done. They were just putting the finishing touches on it. I was quite surprised how much the area had grown! I used to work in that general area many years ago and quite often passed through that way as well. One of the areas I passed through on my way there, was an area I had in the back of my mind in which I had been rear ended by a 76 yr old guy when I was at a full stop waiting for traffic. Well some 10 years after that accident they put in a stop light at that location, and down the road, was the Ho chuck place. MY GOD that place grew!! I know that they change happens but wow that was just huge and looks way better then it ever did when I lived in that area. Well I get to outside of town of Baraboo, WI and wow that place grew as well! The building which was a K-Mart at one time is now a Sears store. The Hardies in which I had stopped at that same morning as the accident, was now a car dealership. Well, the delivery wasn’t a usual thing so not much to mention here, so I made my way back and took a little detour through the Lake Delton area and WOW did that change as well! I know that every year that the place there changes but just unbelievable the changes I seen. Well my return trip from there was routine and not much to say about it. One thing is for sure, I haven’t been to the Dells area in some time and I think I really need to make a trip down there again soon!


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