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Another trip to OH

This was originally posted Monday August 21, 2006 – 02:29pm (CDT)

Well another long trip and yet another somewhat interesting journey. This trip started out like many others, by getting up early and getting the load to go on this trip. Like so many other times through Chicago, the traffic was heavy and people were driving like they were running from the cops. I pass though this area often enough that after awhile you get to know the road a little better, and you can actually take notice of the cityscape and the towers around that area. One of these days, when I have time I am going to go to the top of the buildings just to see what I can see. But that’s a story for another time. Well I make my way though the area and I come to a section of road down there that takes you right through the area called “the loop” well, I happened to be on part of that loop and it goes through an underpass that unless your a skilled driver, or a total nut job like those that live in that state, it’s not for the faint of heart. On this particular trip though this underpass, which in effect really isn’t a true underpass at all, but an entire section that is made of above streets that intersect one another. Well that’s what I figure from the way the beams that are just slightly above my head as I pass under them. In this trip though the area for some reason, the entire area smelled like they had a huge beer party and poured it everywhere inside there. Just what I didn’t need to smell right then, stale old beer. Yuck! Well as i am passing though “the loop” section area of the city, I notice that there are some people taking footage of the traffic, well being the smart ass I am I get right under them as I pass through, and I pull the horn on the straight truck I’m driving. Just then the traffic slowed and as it was a stick shift the engine sputters and dies right there under the bridge. Oh crap! Just what I didn’t need to have happen just then. But I get it restarted quickly enough and notice someone that was on the bridge, looking very intently at me. Ah, what could they do anyway. LOL. Well karma is sometimes a bitch. Although, the rest of the trip through Chicago was relatively normal, well normal and Chicago really shouldn’t be put into the same sentence at any time, along the way, I start getting low on fuel, and find a station to get that taken care of so I can continue this trip. Remember I said karma is a bitch? Well it just came and bit me hard at that point right in the ass! Well at that point, I am waiting to fuel up and the guy in front of me is taking his sweet ass time, and the guy that pulled in behind me is getting impatient. While the guy was playing with his back lights I was doing some book work, getting caught up to where I was, and the behind me blows his air horn. The guy in front of me looks at me like I did it, Well I wasn’t about to try to start anything, as I just wanted to get fuel and go, so I made the guy ahead of me aware that I wasn’t responsible for that action. When your out on the road, as I have learned, I try not to piss anyone off around me, especially some place like that! At that point when I finally get my turn at that pump, I notice that the computer I’m using for my GPS is running on the battery now. I check the fuse for the multiple splitter I use to run all my equipment, and the part holding the fuse had melted right in there. I have now gone through at least 3 of these things now, and I was fed up with the failures of these particular units. I go and cut the end off and and go to wire it to the CB connection point in the truck, and the wires touch for a quick second. Well turns out that second was enough to cause me nothing but trouble for the next few days! I get fueled up and I pull off to the side so I can find the fuse that keeps that part of the truck running, I pull over behind the truck stop and check every fuse. Turns out they are all ok! The stupidest thing I had ever seen, the fuses under the hood of the truck. What genius thought that would be a good idea? Well I have to pull out my trusty dusty paper map, and try to find a way there. I tell the afternoon dispatcher the situation and where I am, and then he starts going on about why don’t you take the toll way? I cut him off as he was droning on and on about it. I told him I was NOT about to turn around and head to the toll way as I was already an hour or so into Indiana and wasn’t about to turn around and go up there. I find a way that appears shorter instead of routing all the way down in to Indianapolis, Well it took me through more small towns than I care to even think of! As I get closer to the other side of the state, of all places for a detour! I head down there and keep going. Not knowing exactly where I am and trying to figure out where is difficult to say the least, and trying to convey that information to the evening dispatcher as she was doing her best to see where I was as well. I finally make my way into OH. Ahh, in the home stretch of making the delivery. By now I have been driving for 12 hours and pretty tired, but I press on, which I shouldn’t have done but I don’t want to be late getting there. By the 14th hour I am getting tired and have to pull over for a little rest. I sleep for more than a couple of hours past what I wanted to do, and get up and continue on my way. I come into Columbus and travel to the far end of I-70 and find, you guessed it… MORE road construction! This must be the year for road constructions. I am now way over the time I should have been driving and I just know when I get my papers back in a few months, I feel I might get fined for this one if I haven’t already been fined from previously doing stuff like that. I guess only time will tell. Well I make it to the nearby town and head to the little township which it turns out to be a collage town. Now I’m not talking a city with a college in it. I mean a TRUE college town! An entire township that’s is just a college with a sets of houses like the kind I have seen in the Madison Wi area mostly fraternities and sorority houses and such just given their own town. Well I get out there and I am close to being a little late but not too badly anyway. I see some construction and head towards it The area is so messed up that trying to find where it is is difficult to say the least as the roads that were there just come to a parking lot and in a straight truck turning around isn’t easy. Just good thing it was still early enough that the lots weren’t full. Well on one of the areas where it dead ended on me, I came across two “students” I ask them if they knew of the construction and how to get to it. Well after speaking to them, they didn’t to me at least seem to be very smart. In fact I think their cheese fell off the cracker some time ago by the way they spoke. What they were doing in collage, I’ll never know. Well I finally find where I was to be and make the delivery. Now I can get something to eat and some sleep. My morning dispatcher asks me how I was for time available to me. I replied in a single word “terrible” He wanted me to pick up a load and go north with it. I explained the situation of what was going on and how I was WAY over what I should have been driving and needed some sleep. Well apparently the people that live there were very strange to say the least. Most places I go to there is usually someone that has an idea or at least know the area in which they live. Here they didn’t seem to know the area that well, or even the roads in the area around where they worked. Seemed so strange to me. Well I find some place to park and between the fumes of the truck and the heat or the sun trying to sleep was difficult to get any rest. Well while I was out there this time I had to fuel up again for my journey back for my way back and the extra trip they wanted me to take must have passed by as they said head on home. On the way back I had noticed this before when traveling through the state that there are areas called corporates. The first time I had gone back ways like that I thought they were the counties, but after a while it became clear that they were towns and cities. Why they call them a corporate I don’t know. Something else was interesting to me, that the fuel prices there were a lot less there then they are here in WI. Makes me wonder if our so called president Bush wasn’t rewarding them for winning him the last election. Well I guess that’s yet another conversation altogether. Well without my GPS getting more lost is even easier than before. The open roads were easy to traverse, but when I came into the towns it was way easier to get turned around. After awhile I finally make my way back to the main highway and start heading to home. On roads I could follow fairly easy and without much trouble, or so I thought. By that time I had made it to the highway, it was late in the morning and as I had some rest I was doing ok for driving. However as I made my way back there was a semi in front of me who wasn’t doing as well it appeared. He weaved over the road back and forth several times. The first few times I thought that maybe he was reaching for something or was slightly distracted. I have done that myself a few times as well so I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions. Well after about 20 miles had passed he had been swerving several more times and tried to get my dispatcher to contact the state patrol. At one point I was coming up on a head quarters but my dispatcher was on the phone and was busy out the phone, by the time she got off the phone, we were already way past there. Well patrol never caught up to where I was and by the time I got into the outskirts of Chicago, he pulled off a ramp and where he went from there I don’t know. Well with the exception of my Co. taking the truck I was using to rest in to do other duties, the rest of the trip was pretty much what I usually experience. Seeing a few people pulled over and a few fender benders, just a regular day out on the road on the way back from there.


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