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If They can, why can’t we??

This post was from Tuesday May 16, 2006 – 09:54pm

On my trips I see some rather STUPID signs that would make any reasonable person say, why the hell is there a need for something so stupid like that sign even here?? Well, this isn’t about that Well NOT EXACTLY! I a recent trip I had to pass through the bassackward state of VA. Where there is a sign that says when you enter the state from any road I’m guessing that “RADAR DETECTORS ARE ILLEGAL”. Ok, my question is, WHY???? If the cops are allowed to use RADAR GUNS, WE AS AMERICANS SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO DETECT THEM!! Why should they have an edge over us? Are they soo hard up for money in that state that they need to pray on people that want to protect ourselves from crooked cops using bogus RADAR?? First off, RADAR guns are a hit and miss accuracy, I know that the tech behind them has improved over the years, but quite often, they get bumped around by the cops handling them and get more out of whack with use! If I can go around a state like this or pass though it quickly, I will. It’s just blatantly unfair for cops there to be able to enforce something so stupid! Go out and do what your actually paid to do, catch robbers, killers that’s your job!!! Not going after someone just because they have a equal grounds as you do! Thinking about it more, maybe I’m wrong, but I believe the law there thinks that they are gods and can do no wrong or even that they are just greedy arrogant s.o.b.s that will use any excuse to pull over hard working people just because they have an equal footing as you do and they don’t want that!!! You people that live there do your selves a favor and GET THE LAWS CHANGED!!! Don’t forget YOU are the ones that do the electing and they WORK FOR YOU!! However, if you want to keep such a STUPID law on the books like that, then I have one thing to say to you… YOUR CRAZY!!!!!!!!


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