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My trip to OH (The Return)

This was originally posted on Sunday June 18, 2006 – 01:04pm (CDT)

Before I get started on my story of my return trip, I was so tired when I was there writing my previous entry, that I completely forgot to mention that while on my trip there I swear for a short time there, I had entered the Twilight Zone! Ok, with a statement like that, begs for an explanation. As I was in a straight truck, a rental, (see my previous entry) it had a single fuel tank on it so I had to make more stops then I would have on a dual tanked truck. Well as it so happened I had to stop in Howe, IN (that’s Indiana for the state abbreviated impaired) and at this oasis as I was traveling the turnpike, there was a woman there I just had to mention! For anyone that who knows who “Howdy Doody” was, he was a puppet that was on TV many many moons ago. Well, this woman that was working at this oasis station, looked JUST LIKE THAT PUPPET!!! The only thing that was missing was the lines on the mouth, and the appearance would have been complete! The hair, face structure, the face with the freckles on it, even the blue shirt! As I didn’t know her last name, and I was only there for a very short time I wished I had taken a picture of her, but alas I didn’t. If you ever get out that way, stop at that oasis late at night around midnight and look for “Becky” as I took notice of her name tag. One other thing I should mention, that I had stayed at a Super 8 Motel, and when I was checking in, I was asked if I had the frequent stayers points, which I informed them I had. But when they looked they had apparently LOST ALL OF THEM!! ALL MY TRIPS SAVED UP GONE!! Oh well start again! So they sign me up and I stand there waiting for my Co to call with info to get me a room. Well I stand there at the counter for about 10 – 15 mins waiting to get my room, and now I am even loopier than I was just getting there! Several times while I was waiting I felt like I was about to fall over from being so tired. Well I was able to keep my footing otherwise I’m sure they would have called an ambulance and I didn’t want to have to explain to my Co why I had been taken off to the hospital! Well at one point of being so loopy that I asked the ladies behind the counter if I was still standing! Which thankfully I was, and I could see that they were starting to get a bit concerned if they were going to be able to put me in a room or flop me down on the nearest couch and hopefully be able to wake me! When I sleep I sleep like a damn rock and getting me up is extremely difficult to say the least! Well, I get my rest and boy did I sleep! However, before I went to sleep I noticed that around the outside of the door and the door leads directly to the outside, I could see light around the door frame, and the door was SHUT TIGHT! Well, that was only one of the problems at this particular motel. I went to get some water and nothing unusual about that except when I went to turn on the cold water it came out warm. So I wait and wait and the water was starting to get WARMER, HOT almost! I figure they did say that they were working on the motel, and perhaps they switched the lines in the process, so I try the other one. Hmmm same thing warm then hotter and hotter! So, I call up the front desk to request maintenance, and they tell me that they are sending down some one to “look” at the problem. So I get dressed as I was hoping to take a shower before my long trip back, and let me tell you when I went to sleep, I wasn’t sure if it was from being so tired or the smell of my own B.O. that put me out, but I did need a shower! Well there I sat waiting for about 5 – 10 mins waiting for the guy to show up and the phone rings. The front desk! Well they inform me that there is no problem with the pipes just that they run them through the roof and tell me to “just let it run.” Well, what a brilliant design I think. WHAT A CONCEPT! Well I grab my shower and they didn’t have the dinky one spray that one size fits all but the one with multi head. OH YEA!! I just wanted to stay in there for awhile, but I didn’t fancy driving back as a prune. I did tell the guy at the front desk about all this and he says he will tell someone, but I’m thinking by the time I walked out the door, it was in his personals circle file and totally forgot about it!

Ok, now for the rest of the return trip. Well as I had to take ten hours off before I could go anywhere, I left around round 7 PM CST, but as I was there in OH it was 8 PM local time. As the tolls just getting to my destination were outrageous, and I was short on cash, I decided to take the less traveled roads and meandered my way to the OH / IN state line, as the tolls in IN were at least affordable to what I had with me at the time, so I discovered that part of the state were far hillier then I had previously thought they were which was a bit surprising as the parts of the state I had traveled the interstate system mostly. On the way as I have mentioned in previous posts, I take notice of signs in the local area and there were two that caught my eye. One had the entrance to a jail, and clearly said “Jail Entrance” Well if I happen to pick any criminals along the way, I would know where to go to drop them off at. Now that in itself isn’t that unusual as I had seen similar signs on other trips, but just down the road from that was a huge billboard that said “Don’t assume the position” with a bulls-eye in the middle of the “O” in the “Don’t” which made me wonder what are they trying to tell us with a statement like that? Makes wonder if they are promoting fighting back against the cops or what? I don’t know.. Just seemed wrong some how.
On the way passing through each town, I passed through an area that was very populated to say the least. As I made my way to the other side of the highway, to get on the side road I had been traveling on, I apparently got in a long line of people that were in some kind of a big hurry to get some place. I didn’t see where they were all heading off to, but that many people at that late at night, it could have been anything. Well eventually I make my way back to the tollway as my time was now running short to get back and as I mentioned the IN tollway was less expensive, I started down that way and as I came up to a oasis I had to fuel up. Well the lady there is taking forever to deal with a couple other guys there, and when it comes my turn, she tells me that she doesn’t even take the card my company uses to fill the truck and I didn’t have the cash to cover a fill up like that, so I go to the next one, wondering if I’m even going to make it there. Well I get to the next one I almost had the same situation, however I had to fill up at the little pumps and some Indonesian is filling up right behind me as I’m trying to back this behemoth of a truck up to this little pump and he is standing there just looking at me, not motioning in anyway to tell me if I was close to his car! That’s not only rude, I think he was waiting for me to hit his car just so he can collect some insurance! Well I get out of there finally after waiting for that dolt to take off so I can get where I needed to be to fill up and get going. Well the trip was pretty routine from there back to Milwaukee, but I was running short on time and by the time I got there, I was over again! Not only was tired from the long trip driving all night, I stayed at the terminal there for a short time (or so I thought I was going to be) to rest up a bit. Well I am informed that I have to wait for a trip before I can come back up so there I sat until 11 AM. Well the a few of the people that work there I think a few of them should be sent in for a cat scan or put into a rubber room! One guy, who I wont mention his name, claimed he was in Nam, and talked how he liked to kill people and would rather do that than kill an animal. Well I was just glad there wasn’t any weapons of any kind on the premises at least. Trust me on this, he was someone you would not want to get to know or mad in anyway! Well by the time a trip came my way, I’m informed that I have to bring a truck back with me that if it stopped running, I would be dead in the water where I sat and I had to make a pickup & delivery with this pile! Well I got lucky that it didn’t die, but by the time I got back to my terminal that I work out of I was pretty loopy again from being up again for nearly 22 hrs! Well at times when I’m in a state like that, luckily I can keep a presence of mind, to keep driving! Well a pretty routine trip and the roads in Chicago weren’t as bad as they have been in the past, which was good at least. So ends this oh so unexciting trip back. But in a job like this sometimes less exciting is better then too much!


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