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Todays thought for May 16, 2006 about a recent trip


A weekend ago I got to got to NC (That’s North Carolina for the state abbreviation impaired) and not that it wasn’t lots of fun, (well it was for work so I saw mostly roads!) there are two things that I want to talk about and since I really don’t have anyone censoring this (except me) not that I have anything really nasty to say about this trip or anything but its just nice to know I can put in a web address without it being yanked out or stopped from being posed till its removed. Anyhow, as I work two jobs, and one of them I often get to travel around to different places around the U.S. on some one elses dime and get paid to do it. So, if anyone is reading this you may say to your self… Eh… So what… Well how often do you get to travel to different places around the U.S., get paid to do it and do it on a day when you have to work. Well unless your a trucker, you wont even really understand 100% of what I’m talking about. There is good things about being able to travel around like this like being able to see interesting things you may only get to see in books or on a quick vacation, and if your not driving, you really don’t have too much to say about where you are going. Well, I guess I don’t 100% either, but I can choose how to get there. Speaking of which, they say getting there is half the fun, well to me it seems that just getting there takes the longest, but getting back is usually seems shorter some how. Some sort of bending in the space time continuum I think… LOL But in the past (as I have been doing this awhile) I have had to rely on maps from where I work to get me there and while that is some what helpful it never gives you a big picture of where the hell I am at the moment between of where i was to where I am now! I recently started taking with me a GPS unit and while its not 100% accurate, as I would hope, but everywhere I go the roads change every day and I know that just can’t keep up with it all. GPS units may improve in time, and until then, I will just muddle through when i need to. One thing though I have found that getting there is sooo much faster than it has been when I didn’t have one. If you have one, you know what I’m talking about. Once you have access to one a standard map just isn’t the same anymore. Oh sure there isn’t the chance to see something that you would never see by getting lost on the way to where your going, but then again, I know that I won’t need to worry about where I am and where the next gas station is or get lost in a bad section of town where I could loose more than my way!

Secondly, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE WHEN YOUR OUT DRIVING LIKE MAN MEN OR MAD WOMAN!!! I JUST HATE driving in the Chicago area! WHY??? BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE THERE DRIVE LIKE YOUR CRAZY!!! One of the times I was down there in less that 4 hours I was nearly side swiped and hit head on by the OUT OF CONTROL DRIVERS THERE!!! One of which came around in a PARKING LOT (in a previous trip) with handicap license plates on!!! I think all you people that live in IL should get handicap license plates!! YOU ALL drive like your CRAZY!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THE BIG HURRY!!!????

Ok, don’t get me wrong I do enjoy driving and I like that job, but some times I just have to wonder what the HELL IS GOING THROUGH YOUR TINY LITTLE MINDS!!! Now that is not for everyone, just the ones that would rather run over or drive like a crazy person when there is really no reason to.

I will be taking pictures (if I can get them to post in yahoo) of the trips I take that are interesting and post them as I can, and tell a little bit about the trip if its not to boring..


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