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Friends who aren’t there when you need them the most

It’s been awhile since I have written a blog post and for anyone that actually reading my blogs and was wondering what happened to me; I have been busy trying to get my life in order with a few setbacks here and there. But now that’s out of the way as to where I have been, I want to talk about something that has been brought to my attention recently.
A friend of mine that has been having some issues where they are currently living and has had the chance to move back to the area in which I live as well. However, they are not just coming from another town but all the way up from the state of Texas! That’s a LONG trip for them to say the least! Well they made their arangments and checked with several “friends” that said “Oh sure you can stay with us for awhile. No problem! The day before the trip is to be made they call to see if everything is still going to be ok and have a place to stay once they arrived. Which is what anyone else or myself would do I’m sure. Well suddenly, the “friends” come up wirh excuse after excuse with some lame way to say “no you can’t stay here”. Gee what are “friends” for if the moment you need them they turn their backs on you? With friends like that who needs enemies? What kind if person says yes to something that is important as that, then suddenly to turn around and say “Oh sorry, there’s no room for you here!”

I personally have gone through this as well. When a friend needed something I tried to and still try to be their for them as much as I can. In the past when I went to these same people asking for help from them, they treated me like they couldn’t be bothered to help me out if my situation. Has that ever stopped me from giving a hand up to a friend in need? No. Even today, even though I have limited resources, I will try to do what I can. Even if it puts me back a little. Why do I do it? I like to think that by helping someone else that someday when I need help I’m hoping that it will they are willing to help me out of my situation.

Well here’s to hopping anyway.


One Response to “Friends who aren’t there when you need them the most”

  1. My son was bedridden with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for six years. I am a single parent and had to continue working full time and so, because he was alone all day, I made sure to stay home all evenings and weekends to keep him company and care for him. Consequently, I became extremely lonely in our isolation and I also became depressed. The woman who I had, for over 30 years, considered to be my best friend, left me hanging by my fingernails on a cliff. I had phoned her and asked her if she could come over to stay with me (a three hour trip). I felt I really needed her, as I was feeling quite desperate and lonely. She offered to come and care for my son while I went out. When I told her that what I really needed was her and to be with her, she backed out!! This was an enormous hurt. I realized that she really didn’t care about me at all and didn’t want to spend time with me. I had been experiencing, I suppose, a very fake friendship for much of the span of the friendship. I know that it is difficult to end a long term friendship, but why can’t people just be honest!? It would not hurt as much as struggling to determine what the other person is really feeling and thinking, and the hurt of realizing that none of it was real.

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