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Another school year soon begins

As the new school year in Wisconsin begins, I have to deal with the kids going back again, getting supplies and figuring out classes and what not’s. However today I am with a friend helping her getting her little one enrolled in school and starting in WI. Which has given me and my youngest daughter the chance to revisit her first school again. As I’m writing this she has taken on the role of “tour guide” for the child of the friend who will be attending here. My kids however, have been ready now as of a few weeks ago and are gearing up for the school year. My oldest will be starting high school and in a few short years will be (hopefully) on her way to college. Well some sort of college anyway. Coming back to this school again after so many years has also been a little trip in time for myself as well. I remember when I was younger how big the rooms looked and how the school felt so huge by comparison to little old me. I never personally attended this particular school, but the feelings remain in general of the way things at the time seemed so much simpler back then. At times I wish I could go back to that, but seeing how life doesn’t work that way I continue ahead preparing the kids for their adventure through life. The good, bad and the down right bizarre. Like for instance how if you bring something from home, no matter if it’s hot it’s still considered a “cold” lunch and when it’s served at the school and it’s cold food, it’s still considered to be a “hot” lunch. Ahh well I guess this is just one of the little things that kids will have to try to figure out on their own growing up, even if as adults we don’t even understand it and make it more complicated then it really needs to be.


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