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Friday night is alright for… Nothing

Well here another Friday night and have nothing to do. Was planning on doing a podcast with some others, but one of the people wasn’t feeling well so we had to put it on hold. However, we did end meeting on skype to chat for about an hour, which was fun as it was more about misc stuff that wasn’t based on the show. A kind of breaking of the virtual bread as it were. The only thing missing was the cheesy tablecloth and spegetti dinner in front of us. LOL. I don’t get out too often anymore as I really don’t have any place to go. Oh sure I could gang out in a bar and have to listen to people that actually know other people there getting loud and out of control as they get drunker as the night passes. As I rairly drink, I feel out of place as a elephant at a mouse convention. (Ok, I’m a little tired as I write this, so my medaphores may be a little messed up). But as I have little to spend as these places anyway, I have to ask myself, why do I even worry about going out to these places anyway? Then as I either work at my computer or lay alone in bed I think, am I missing out on life in general or the company of other people? Some day I will be able to really answer that question, but knoing the way my luck runs, I’ll figure it out way to late to do anything about it.

Who knows. Maybe that time has already passed and I haven’t realized it yet.


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