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What is your privacy worth to you?

Tonight I did something I rarely do, which was go out to one of the local bars in the city and before I even walked into this particular bar I had recalled I left my wallet in my car. As since I hadn’t been in a bar in some time, I was figuring, sure I would get carded and asked for my ID to prove that I was over 21, which in the state of WI is the legal drinking age. Now, before I get in to what exactly happened, I have to say that I deeply and truly applaud the local bars and other establishments that care and are cautious enough about not serving drinks to under age people so that they don’t get into trouble and I have no problems with them asking for me to prove my age. However, where do we as citizens do we draw the line at how much information do we give to these places? Yes, they are privately owned and yes you can say why would that be a problem about showing my ID at the door at such a place.. Well let me tell you that this particular place in question I believe went WAY, WAY, WAY over the line on how much information I was required to give! So now you’re asking yourself, ok… What was it that they did and what was it they wanted from me exactly? As I mentioned this place did card me, however they took it not one, but two steps further and I say this seriously is an invasion of my privacy! Before you go on a tear and say, yea you just got drunk or something like that. First of all I was there maybe about 10 minuets asking this person at the door doing this some very poignant questions about the process that I will be sharing with you here very shortly, and no I never touched a drop of alcohol, nor did I have any at the second place I visited later that night after wrapping up my conversation with the door personal then leaving immediately right afterwards.

So now you’re asking, ok… What does this all have to do with my privacy and what do I car really if they check my ID? Well as I stated I got carded at the door at this what is considered to be as what was explained to me a “high profile” bar. As I actually lived across the street from this particular bar at one point a number of years ago, so I know it was then and still is a very busy place to begin with. They apparently had recently installed with some special software on an old style PDA, and camera with LED lights on it for taking pictures of the patrons drivers license. So where does the invasion of privacy come in you ask? Well this part you may or may not be aware of what they do next. As they take your drivers license from you and put it in front of this camera, they then put it in a special scanner, which records your visit there. Ok, that part is a little bad in it’s self, I mean do I really want them to know who I am, where I live and all that other information my DL has on it about me? Here is where it really gets to the heart of this matter, all this information is sent to the local police of what time I arrived, who I am, where I lived and all that. Ok, some of you out there, I can hear already saying “so? What’s wrong with that? Or if you didn’t want to give out that information, then why did you go there?” First of all, I had visited this bar in the past, but it was well over five years or so since I had last been to this place and I was NOT warned in advance by notice on the door or other such notification that this would be happening! As I said, all this information that this bar just acquired from me, has gone to the cops, but what they don’t tell you is for how long do they keep this information? When I asked for this information, I was given the answer of “I don’t know. You have to ask the cops.” Well this is SOOOO not helpful! As I have not had a chance to ask a police officer as of yet to what they use this information for exactly and how long they keep it around, I feel frankly quite violated of my privacy and my civil rights in this town, and do I dare say this country when I can’t go some place and have my movements transmitted to the police? This place that I visited this night, gave this explanation; “Lets say you get in to a fight and leave before they arrive, then the cops would have all that information so they could come and get you.” So you’re now thinking, well what’s wrong with them protecting what’s theirs by taking an extra precaution? Have you heard of a video camera? They can record the entire goings on in the bar easily enough and all that, without needing this extra very evasive extra step! Again, as I don’t know how long they keep this information for, and since we live in an age where information can be stored anywhere for practically next to nothing in cost, if myself or someone else say ran for a public office, and some person with the moral compass of a flee were to say “obtain” this information of a bar I or anyone else just happened to visit once and then they could turn around and say “Hey! This guy is a drunk, look at the visits he makes to all these bars” or worse! That could really ruin the chance of someone being able to make anything of them selves one day. Yes, I know that is taking it to an extreme, but haven’t we already seen how easy it is to twist something so innocent as just going out to enjoy yourself some place? What’s next? I mean really? If they think this is a good idea, who is to say that this won’t be implemented in other places as well? Places like the grocery store, or how about your local mall? And I don’t mean just when you buy something; I mean just to walk in the BUILDING!!! Again, where do we draw the line at this? Today it’s the bar, tomorrow, its something else that you didn’t expect? Sure now your saying, yea, we give our ID’s in other places too. This is true, however, there is a MAJOR exception in these cases, like if I go to the DMV, they ask for my ID. Yea that’s for related to my license for my car or other state ID, or if I were to cross into another country, they need my ID and need to scan it to be sure I’m allowed in. That’s all well and fine, but a BAR?? Seriously?? I can tell you this now, after finding this out, I will NEVER, EVER spend my money in any place that takes such EVASIVE tactics and backing and building up a police state to invade my privacy, and I urge everyone out there if you give even a rats rip about your privacy being violated like this, DON’T visit these places and give them your hard earned money, no matter how popular they are!

Your dollars will speak volumes to them, and get them to remove this system from their places of business! Your privacy should be worth something to you, and if you don’t care about your rights, and want to be taken advantage of your life and watch your liberties erode away a little more until everyplace you go, everything you say, or do, even in the privacy of your own home is taken away from you. Then by all means, keep going there. We all will be joining you in the line for your daily government police state rationing they have severed upon you, which you wanted and didn’t care if it happened to you!


One Response to “What is your privacy worth to you?”

  1. That’s terrible Packard,,, over here in Australia they dont ask you at all I have seen young kids in the pubs here and being served .Love your blogs

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