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What to happened fall?

Well another summer has come and gone, the only problem is that here in Wisconsin, that this last year of 2009 we barely had a summer! There were very few days that were actually warm enough to go out and have fun with my daughters. It feels like we went from winter to spring, a two or five day summer then right back into Fall again! It has been a LONG time since I had ever seen winter come so soon in October! Less than two weeks into October and we had several inches of snowfall. Thankfully it didn’t stay around long but sure made the roads just slick enough to ness with the area. I really don’t mind snow all that much, but until they can find a way to keep it from falling on the streets and sidewalks, I really won’t be enjoying it anytime soon! Anyway, I hope that as we got an early winter that we get an early spring. However with the weather history we have here in this part of the state, it’s going to be a long winter.


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