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Just five more minutes please…

Getting up early in the AM, like most people do to go to work as many would agree, it really bites! The main problem with working what many know as the “first shift”. This shift for many people (unless your single and have no life other than the job) is generaly a real disruption in daily life for many. Mainly as most places are open during the day when you should be resting to go to work again in the twilight hours of the day. Sure, you can always get up or sleep less during the day to your other stuff, but overall in the long run your health suffers due to the weird hours you need to be at work. I know it’s been going on longer than I have been around, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it! Of course that is the downside of being up at that time of the day. The few exceptions to working at this hour of the day ate minor, but somewhat satisfying as well. Doing what I do the one thing that always gets on my nerves as many others is one main thing… Traffic! At that time of the day there is generally none or at the least very little to contend with. When there is little traffic and you have to drive, there are several things I think about. One of which is less idiots on the road than normal. If you go out and drive look to the left, right, ahead of you then behind you. Unless your driving a huge truck (no your pickup don’t count) and can only drive so fast and if your the one speeding and driving all over the road when everyone else is is driving sanely, then guess what? You just found the idiot driver! Another thing is the serenity of a drive like that. With little stress of a whole lot of other drivers on the road and unless your in a big hurry to get somewhere, you can actually enjoy the trip without feeling rushed. However, little traffic also has it’s pitfalls too. For example if you are out driving in the middle of nowhere and you have a breakdown, no cell service or worse no cell at all! Unless your really resourceful that would be a real bad time to be on the road alone. So where am I going with all this you might ask yourself? Well, really nowhere like the many roads we travel on today we are all in a hurry to get nowhere fast and working weird hours to do it.


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