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Is justice really blind or just sexist?!

I have been keeping myself quiet on this subject for TOO LONG! What is it with our justice system lately? What I want to know is why women getting away with doing some of the same crimes as men do and are getting shorter sentences? Why? Will some one tell me what is going on here? Recently as I write this blog post a 20 year old woman was convicted of molesting AND having two children with a 14 year old boy! Yet she is getting more time in prison for the two jail jumping charges than she is for her actions of molesting this little boy? Is the crime less severe because a male child was assaulted and not a young girl? If this had been the other way around we all know what would happen and there have been countless cases where men have done this and gotten 10 years or more in prison for their actions, yet women are doing this and getting a slap on the wrist? Plus to add insult to injury they gave her a STAY on the sexual assault charges altogether! They are only charging her for the bail jumping at this point! Come on you prosecutors! Do your DAMN JOB! These women aren’t going to get out and kiss you or what ever it is your thinking they will do when they get out to thank you for being so lenient on them! Oh it doesn’t end there! Oh no it does not! If the woman is especially attractive they may give her a “home arrest” WHAT?? So what is it the courts going by now, the gender and how pretty they are? What good are the laws in this country if they set they have a different set of rules for the pretty women and the men for the same crime! This woman should have been given the SAME HARSH sentence that a man would get! This is becoming gender based set of laws and it is certainly not fair! We all know its now a days its already of how much justice you can afford type system! If you have the cash you can get off with just about anything, and lets add in say some woman parts and some beauty and you pretty much have yourself a get out of jail free card! FOR the people that read this blog and think I’m just blowing smoke because I’m a guy or I hate women you would so far off the mark it isn’t event funny! The law shouldn’t be about what gender you are but what’s right and what’s wrong and this is just so wrong that it needs to be spoken about!

For some one that just stumbled on to this post and are wondering what story I am talking about here it is:

A Hortonville (WI) woman convicted of having sex with a 14-year-old boy and having two of his children will serve time in prison.
Lacy Sommers will serve more time for her two bail jumping charges than for the sexual assaults.
The judge sentenced the 20-year-old to 18 months in prison with two years extended supervision for bail jumping.
Her sexual assault sentence was stayed, but she has to serve one year in county jail.
The prosecuting attorney recommended she get eight to ten years.

Here is a link to the story above

This has gotten out of hand people! Men are being singled out and tossed in jail and given more time for smaller crimes then the same ones that women are doing. This woman had TWO kids with this 14-year-old boy after all, so it has obviously been going on for some time now already! What’s worse is where are the parents speaking out about this? If it had been my son, I wouldn’t be giving him the old “Hey you got an older woman talk” but outraged this 20-year-old woman took advantage of a vulnerable child! People why are we forgetting this 14-year-old male is still a CHILD!!! The child being a male shouldn’t make it any less of a crime here! This woman needs to be put away for a LONG time and not just on her other charges!

Put her UNDER the prison and throw away the key!

Any man that did the same crime I would expect no less of a punishment!


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