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Friends of far away places

With the making of such sites like Twitter and FaceBook, we often find friends that we didn’t know we ever had. Can the friendships be considered real as the one you would go bowling with or meet at the local bar for a drink now and then? The discussion of this question has sparked a lot of press. The last few years the media, and pretty much anyone that you ask or talk to about it, don’t know what either of those sites are or used for. Of course there are other places where people can meet, like chat rooms on the web or if you are old school (for the tech age) it’s IRC. For anyone that has no clue what IRC stands for it means Internet Relay Chat. However, as I said that’s just one of many sites or places you can meet people that are out there. With the advent of the other sites like the ones I mentioned earlier there was an unexpected side effect to it, you can become popular or well known to all kinds of people around the world. Some people call this Twitter fame, the ones who still haven’t used the service or even understand it, and to them they may not even care. There are people on there that get famous on there from being actors and famous already, by creating such controversy that it gets media attention. Then there are the rare few that become well known, but not from being famous, but by just interacting with others. For some that have found this sudden new appreciation for their tweets and interaction, the people closest to them can start feeling more like the audience and not the star of the relationship they are in. People who are famous I imagine go through this sort of thing when they start getting noticed. As for myself, for the most of my life I have always been the “audience” and not the star. So like 99.9% if other American people out there I have walked through life in general obscurity. Now, I’m not saying I’m any more famous than the next person, but I have discovered an appreciation more for the lives of the ones who are. I have enjoy interacting with everyone and even if I don’t see eye to eye with everyone, while I’m enjoying at least some attention for now I will always interact with those closest to me and hopefully they will see that they will always be more important in the long run.


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