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All wired up and with no place to go

Today I had and at the time I am writing this currently at the Dr’s office getting brain scanned. Well sort of….. Right now they have me connected up to a bunch of wires hanging out of my head like metal braids stringing about. Basically it called an EEG, which is short for a much longer word electroencephalogram. You may be asking why and if I am ok (well I hope your asking these questions) but yes I am ok. I am just undergoing some tests for something the Dr’s can’t figure out what exactly it is or why it’s happening. I just love being a medical mystery to them. Seems that my whole life, when it has come to dealing with Dr’s has been like this, that is unless it’s been an issue that they have known how to deal with, like breathing, colds, twisted up ankles, or scrapes and bruises, they know the reasons and how to help me get better. However, I seem to have presented them with a bit of a challenge for them to find the answers to this particular problem. Funny thing is that when I approached them with the issue I have been having, they first decided it would be a good idea to just prescribe medicines for it. Ahh nothing like handing over a bunch of meds to solve a problem they have no idea what the cause even is! Do they think they are solving it by starting there? So now here I sit for hours on end hooked up to this EEG, so they can hopefully find the problem then come up with an answer to the issue. However, I wish I could be more optimistic about the outcome of all this, but like so many times before they never seem to find anything wrong or what’s caused it. So I go through my day-by-day life, dealing with this issue and the Drs can’t figure, or do anything about. With all the combined knowledge they have access to that we have in this world, some things are still seem to be way beyond the modern medicine that we entrust our bodies and health (not to mention the boat loads of cash they funnel out if us) to keeping us healthy and hopefully issue free to lead a somewhat normal life. Well I have more tests coming up this month as well to help find the problem and get my life back to something close to normal.

At least I hope they find the problem. That is if they can.

Here are some pictures I took as it I got set up for this test.  Sorry for the fuzzy pictures.

Here it is the EEG test getting hooked up.

This one is when he got done putting all the wires to my head.

Here I get all bandaged me all up to make sure the wires don’t move at all during the test.


2 Responses to “All wired up and with no place to go”

  1. Doctors always seem to want to remedy everything with a pill! I am glad ur getting tested to find out exactly what is going on & not just accepting whatever pills that they wanted to give u esp since the doctors are not yet sure what they should be treating. This must have been a very long & tiring day for u, luv! Modern medicine still has so many mysteries despite how far technology has come. I hope that everything turns out good & that u get back into ur routine of normal every day life. Thanks for sharing this experience with us, luv. U really are a wonderful writer! I really enjoy how descriptive ur words are. – @Starrz2010

  2. Glad they are trying to find and answer. Holding you close in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted on the results!

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