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And the results are in!

As a few of you out there have been wondering what the results of all the tests I had told you about that I had to take the last few weeks, the doctors have come to one in escapable conclusion.  And sadly it was the results I expected them to be.  That they were again unable to find any cause for the issues I have been experiencing.  Now for most people if they were to hear the results came out like that, they would or should be happy to hear that. That all the tests came back and they apparently say that nothing appears to be wrong.  Part of me is glad to get this kind of result back from the doctor and yet I’m again saddened by the results, as the medical technology they have used so far has again failed to discover what is causing my issues.  Well, it looks like another roadblock to overcome in finding the cause of this issue. When all this started happening, the first obstacle before me to get this checked out right away was the lack of insurance, and like most people who don’t have insurance, I might had been able to catch it earlier when the issue arose, but now, I’ll never know for sure. Now that I have the insurance to cover the expenses of all the tests that I had to take, the results were the about the same as when I wasn’t able to go to see the doctor about it. Again it appears that nothing could of or can be done. Now that it’s documented that I went looking for the cause of this issue, and now it appears that I have two options that I can see before me.

The first, take the latest medicine they have prescribed to me, wonder and hope it’s going to work and subside the issue or at least control the it to the point where I can have a normal day with as little side effects as possible.

The second option I have is (and not one I really look forward to happening or wish to happen), hope the issue becomes more pronounced for the doctors to be able to measure it and then hopefully find the cause I was looking for all along.  However, I have a feeling that if it comes to that, it may get to the point where they will say “Well if we had known what to look for, then we could have treated you for this”.  It looks like I’m going to be in for a lot of double talk down the road that I will have to be ready for. Question is, when will it come?

Anyway again I want to thank everyone for the well wishes.  But, it looks like the road ahead of me has not come to an end to find the solution to my problem, but only a slight detour to a new road with unknown answers and unexpected turns. Where it will take me now…. Is anyone’s guess.


2 Responses to “And the results are in!”

  1. Aww I am so very sorry! I was so hoping they would find out the cause. I am hugging you mentally and praying that the medicine helps you find some relief.

  2. U must have so many different thoughts going thru ur mind since the doctors findings were inconclusive but one thing that is somewhat reassuring is that u have medical insurance now that will cover the cost of any further testing if u decide to go that route. It is however disconcerting that the doctors were unable to pinpoint what was causing the issues that u were experiencing esp in today’s world of modern medical technologies. I hope that ur symptoms do not become more pronounced & that u are not subjected to the inevitable double talk that doctors are so skilled at. I know that u have a tough decision as to whether to take the medicine that they prescribed esp since the doctors are not sure what they are treating. This is indeed a very difficult situation & I wish u the best, luv. I have become quite fond of u, my friend, and I hope that u get these issues resolved. There is truly no easy route to take in this situation. I hope that u will find the answers that u are looking for. Much love to u, my dear. *hugz* @Starrz2010

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