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Your money is no good here!

Recently I had gone with a friend to go pay on a bill they have with our state government. We had stopped at a bank to get the necessary funds for this, and when they attempted to pay this state agency, they refused it.  Why might you ask that a state run agency refuse a payment?  Because it was in cash!  Our government prints money for us to use and on that money it says, this bill is legal tender for all transactions public and private.  So why are we as individuals forced to spend more money to change it into a “money order”. What was wrong with giving them cash anyway?  The only answer they would give when I asked them is that it’s “their policy” that they will only accept a check or money order. Funny thing is, that now a days if you go to many establishments in our country today, they say with a big sign at the registers that “We don’t accept personal checks!” I know that our government at times (well most of it) is slow on the uptake when it comes to many things, but if they don’t accept credit/debit cards or cash, then what is the point of even issuing paper money anymore? The government spends millions or billions on redesigning our currency so it can’t be copied, but if our own government agencies flat out refuse that cash, what does that say about it?  Is it really worth the paper it’s printed on then?  Well if the agencies refuse to take cash, how long will it be before that we won’t have to use it at all? More and more we are moving to a “cashless society” with credit and debit cards of all kinds and for all kinds of situations. In the past presidents have said “the buck stops here” or “with me” but as they too work for the government, that statement can’t hold true much longer as they will be more likely say I’d rather have a “check or money order for it to stop here” if you please….


One Response to “Your money is no good here!”

  1. It is just crazy that we are in a recession & the gov’t won’t even accept cash that they themselves print out! One would think that they’d be happy to accept payment in whatever form was currently available. Not only is it inconvenient, it just doesn’t make any sense! – @Starrz2010

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