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Memories ahhh memories…

This year I got to take my kids to someplace that is generally very expensive to visit. Well visiting isn’t so expensive, just about everything that you want to do in that place generally is however… The place I’m referring to is the Wisconsin Dells. The town is actually made up of two towns that share a common goal…. Make MONEY!! Oh and a lot of it they do at that!  And how you may ask? Mostly by selling useless things that after you buy them for your kid, loved one, or even yourself you may ask yourself later by saying “What did I buy that for anyway?!”. The town is a smorgasbord of useless things jammed into several square miles and they will find a way to part you from your money. However, the Dells area isn’t just about making money hand over fist, but it also had a lot of natural beauty that you just don’t get to see firsthand because a lot of it is inaccessible by conventional means. So what does all this have to do with memories? Well I’m so glad you’re thinking and asking that question. The memories here comes not from the glitz of the place, but moreover the time I spent visiting there when I was younger and had considerable less cash to spend there. I used to live in a nearby town… Well nearby in this context is about 20 miles away. I would bike all the way there (peddle) just to see the sites and there was always something to see. However, as I previously stated that lacking cash made actually doing anything quite impossible at the time. When I grew up some and was able to drive, I took a job there and spent a lot of that cash that I made there… Well THERE! However a lot of it was also spent on gas and maintenance of my cars to get me there. While I did meet a lot of interesting people, I never really made enough there to do the more interesting things the place had to offer. Now that I have kids of my own and live way too far to “bike” there, I get to spend my time with them in some of the places there that I had always wanted to visit when I was younger and relive a few memories that I had made my own oh so long ago. Now I pass the information and memories on to them so they are starting to see and understand their dad a little better.  They say you can never truly go home again. For the most part, that is true, but sharing the memories of yourself and the better times with them has made me see that while I can’t go home again, I can stop in, say hello, grab a slice of pizza and share some of the memories of the place I use to call…



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