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Packard’s Gripes: These people actually work here?

I don’t usually gripe about much, but one thing that always gets me steamed up is when people give out bad tech advice to people who know even less and don’t know any better.  What’s worse is when it comes from people that are working in a store that sells hardware or software for computers!  I can excuse the people that work at places like Wal-Mart as I don’t know for sure if they really get trained for the area and are all over different parts of the store.  I have had this happen a few times when I have been in the Wal-Marts in the past, and happen to catch these errors, and the sales personal pretty much walked away at that point because I guess they knew that they were already out classed by my tech knowledge and had other customers to attend to.  What really burns me though, is when I go in to the Best Buy stores and this happens. As this past weekend the day after Snow Leopard had arrived, and I was killing some time with my daughters waiting for the local Mac store to open.  As I was meandering up and down the isles looking for a N.A.S. (Networked Attached Storage) router, and as I happened to overhear a sales associate telling some poor unsuspecting customer some really bad information about how to switch out cable modem.  He started out by saying that she could just hook it up and go; when she asked if she had to inform the cable company of the switch he said, “No, there isn’t any need.” At that point I was screaming in my head and as I cannot stand people getting bad information, I had to interject, at that point the sales personal started to actually disagree with me!  However, as I had already gone through this with a former neighbor I had many years ago, I already had my arguments all in order and at that point the sales associate tried to show me away by asking me what I was looking for and directed me to an area where he knew the item I was looking for wasn’t there, or maybe again, he was wrong about that as when I went to look again after being down that area, I thought I might had missed it.  However, it wasn’t there so I headed back to the area where I would have guessed it should have been, but they apparently stopped selling them at this time.  I happened to run in to the woman again with out the sales associate around and apologized for butting in on her conversation and explained that I really don’t like how people go out with bad information.  She smiled and then said, “That’s ok, I’m done with him anyway.”   Not sure this is really a PC or Mac issue here, but she was carrying a Mac Airport Express at the time, so I guess I wanted to be sure she was going to get the real help she needed and not blame her computer at home, which I guessed, was a Mac LOL.

Anyway, if you are or working in a store that sells technology, please at least KNOW what your talking about and if you don’t, please get someone that does or work in another part of the store. Like the TV’s or stereos!


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